April 25, 2013

Locked Out!

Well!  You know you haven't been good at keeping up with your blog when...

1.  Your parents kindly remind you it's been a while.

2.  Your children start asking why you haven't posted.

3.  You try to log in and realize Google has locked you out of your account!

Ok, ok.  What have we been up to since Spring Break?  Hang on, I don't remember what I had for breakfast but I'll check my calendar.    

First of all, our favorite mighty warship finally completed INSURV which stands for who knows what, but translates into "mega inspection of every single square inch of that ship to make sure each nut, bolt, computer and engine is running to the same specs as the day it was built."  Yuck right? They spent the better part of the last two years preparing for it (along with all that other Navy stuff they do) and happily passed.  
We have heard from others that "life gets better after INSURV!"  We are believers.  I have seen him more in the last week than the last year.

As for the rest of us...

Little miss 8th grader recently returned from a week long school trip to the Big Island!  I didn't get too many details except "it was good," but she came home hungry and tired so that = good in my book!

They kept them busy from sun up to sun down, hiking, climbing, sketching and bonding!  That's the lava flow at night,  not an out of control bon fire created by teens gone wild :)

Of course they had to do work - science and English never sleep!  The kids had to decorate a sketch book for note taking and such - this is hers.  I thought she did a great job, especially since it had to be done with a particular set of markers - no pencils, crayons or markers from home.  Good old Catholic School rules!

She has a busy month ahead chock full of graduation activities, May Day programs, banquets, awards etc.  It's a fun time for her for sure!

Little Miss Elaborate is still combing the internet to find new ways to torture me.  

Hair and nails are still center stage!

I predict next year will be a challenging one for her.  

Big sister changing schools is going to be HUGE - and on top of that - mommy has committed to making her do homework all.by.herself.  Yikes.  Peter Pan isn't going to like this...

As for me, you can see that I too am still all about fashion.  This IS the new trend, you just don't know it yet.  Yes folks, I managed to break my foot (fracture of the 5th metatarsal to be exact).  

This, my unknowing friends, is a bosu ball.  Used at the gym to help you exercise while working your core muscles (for those of you who didn't know you had core muscles, those would be in your mid section...come on folks).  So perhaps if you were jogging on one and your foot slipped off the edge, you might just end up falling on your bahumpkis and breaking your foot. No shame, it happens to the best of us.

Yeah, don't try this at home, or the gym, or anywhere.  

So now I have 6 weeks to contemplate my poor decision making.  While I'm doing that I'm trying to wrap up and turn over the volunteer positions I swore I wouldn't be in this year, avoid new ones (do you hear me PTA...I'm not giving my consent to be nominated for President!), soldier on as chief laundry maid, taxi driver, bill payer, and dinner maker, and prep for a graduation and Change of Command (12 hours apart) all on one foot.

Nothin to it ;)