December 29, 2010

She's SIX!!

Emily and "EM" had a great day!  As you can see the celebration contained all the elements for a perfect birthday.



Pink sweets

Pink hair

New shoes

Of course they didn't think all that bling was enough did you?

Candles and singing


And games.

Ta is my super cool girl.  It has been the wildest 6 years ever!

Thank you to everyone for the great gifts and wishes.  We are off to the Big Island for the New Year - we will be ringing it in on the volcano.  Hope I get some good photos!  "See ya next year!" 

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December 26, 2010

A few of my favorite things!

Making reindeer food with the neighborhood kids

Eating treats too!

Getting ready for Christmas Eve service

Note to self: Emily should wear her hair in a pony tail for a candlelight service.  I'm sure no-one even noticed the burning hair smell and me patting her down in a frenzy.

Leaving food for Rudolph

Last minute letter to Santa...looks like it worked!  Emily got a new American Girl Doll :)

And makeup!

And a salon chair.  We are in business.  I am keeping track of her experience hours for her resume!

New sparkly shoes for Emily

And the doll

Time to get serious.  This is how she spent the rest of the day.  The salon is open!

Olivia made out like a bandit (red) Converse high tops, clothes, books, and an itouch speaker system.  

Santa brought me a new hammock (slight manufacturing issue with the stand so we aren't up and running just yet) and a new coffee maker.  Perfect!  Lounging and drinking coffee - two of my bestest things to do!

Dada got a new golf club pusher-arounder (which doubles as an Emily holder)

All and all a fantastic Christmas.  Today we were back to reality...two soccer games (which we won big - Olivia did outstanding in the goal and scoring some too) and tomorrow someone turns six.  No rest for the wicked!!  I hope your holiday was as happy and full as ours.  Mele Kalikimaka and haoli makahikiho!

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December 23, 2010

Time to break my arm

T minus 2 and it's time to call it quits.  My Dad has a saying that it takes two artists to paint a to paint it and the other to break his arm when it's done.  There is always one more thing to do and yesterday we tried to do it.  Yuck.  It was crazy out there and put me in a bah humbug kinda mood. Today I am officially done.  I could get one more gift, deliver one more plate of cookies, send one more card but instead I am going to do crafts with my girls and sing songs and have some fun. 

I encourage you all to do the same, call me if you need help breaking your arm (I know people).

Here are some fun shots of gingerbread house making with the KC class!

This is Dakota.  We pray for him a lot - apparently he doesn't always do his best work and has been known to just scribble scrabble on his paper.  Imagine!

Lawson and his little sister who decided that eating was the best part!


My elf helped me the other day by categorizing my ornaments.  There is more than just a little of my DNA in that one!

OK Santa, we're ready...bring it!

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December 17, 2010

December 16, 2010

More Christmas Fun

Last year I had poinsettias lining my stairway up to the house and after Christmas I hated the thought of throwing them all away.  I have always heard you can replant them and blah, blah, blah but really that seemed like a lot of trouble for certain failure. 

Well, if ever it would work it would be here so I gave it a shot.  Oh I could almost get into gardening in a place like this.  Next I will have to try a pineapple :)

My little elf helping me put some gifts under the tree!

This week has been the predictable whirlwind of shopping, decorating, card writing, (wish I could say wrapping) and so today instead of all that I headed out for...

the swanky hotel for a lunch day at the beach!  

Thankfully I keep finding friends with birthdays that need celebrating!

David called me to report it was 23* in Newport and I know that many of you are getting snow.  Very sorry to hear that, really, I am.

Of course the video is awful but Olivia had her winter concert this week.  As always the ukulele group did an outstanding job.  They have really ramped up their playing to get ready for their trip to Disney this Spring.  Here are just a few clips of their playing.

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December 11, 2010

HO HO's and Christmas Shows!

Emily had her Christmas show at school last night (Olivia was a helper Elf).  The girls looked very cute and we managed to get a few shots before we ran out the door.  Not in time for the Christmas card mind you, this will not be the version showing up in your mailbox!

No, she isn't wearing eye shadow, she had a small mishap (during Daddy's watch I might add) involving a twirl, a girl and a kitchen counter.  No stitches or serious bleeding - just gives her a nice tough girl look.  HA!

The school always does a show for the kids during the school day so David and I went to surprise her.  Good thing - it was so packed during the evening performance we couldn't even see her let alone get any photos!

Cute, cute, cute!  

Olivia has her ukulele show this week.  David has officially graduated from his APCSS school and is already on a plane to colder parts!  It's been a packed week but hopefully things will slow down a bit this week.  Who knows, I might just start my shopping!  Nah, why rush ;)

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