April 17, 2017

As Emily mentioned below, we hadn't posted in a while so there is a fair amount of catching up to do.  
Back when it was winter, Olivia had her winter ball...

I didn't get to take any photos myself because she and her peeps got dressed together, but I had to share this one and the original uncropped version.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Ahem young man...

Then she had the nerve to turn 18.  We had a lot of fun going to a local Japanese store and buying her 18 gifts.  Some were amazing, (rice cooker) and some were ridiculous (instant curry mix) but it was a cool way to celebrate.

She is fast becoming a lovely grown up.  Well, maybe slowly but either way, it's happening :)

Then there is little Miss Nori, who is also growing up.  She had to be spayed recently and instead of trying to keep a cone on her for two weeks we bought her a "suitical" to keep her away from her stitches.  You can see how much she loved it :)

She eventually came around 

Overall she does a great job of tolerating us in her home

And I tolerate coming home to her passing out on my dinner table after a rousing round of kill the mouse.  

Finally we reached Spring Break!  David took off some time so it was a week full of a little of this and a little of that.  Breaks are always a good time to have a crazy person climb your coconut tree and cut them down.  

They are also a good time to go to the beach!

And the Symphony

We found this little guy sitting in our yard and figured it was injured but couldn't see anything wrong.  We held it as long as we wanted and when we put it down it flew off!  We looked it up and sure enough, this bird will let you hold it!  

More beach

And these guys are back too!  Just beautiful

Ok, that is probably enough overload for now.  I will post Prom and Easter photos later.  

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HI! i want to start off by saying, NO I am not my mother. I am her second born child and I am highly aware that all of you like to see the updates on my families' life ASAP! I was looking at her blog today and realized she had not posted since DECEMBER!!! So I, Emily Hughes, am here today to update you on our amazing families' life. 
(and yes my mother knows)

Picking back up in late December, early January, I had a small 12th birthday party with a few of my closest friends. We went to CPK and then saw the movie "Sing"!

Also, I got BRACES!
Here is a before...

Here is a "during."
Yes, i know! This is the most beautiful picture EVER!
(I do autographs!)

And here is the AFTER!!! 
I really like the way it turned out!
Just last weak I got the bands, to help my overbite.

School was pretty busy. I worked on my science fair board and I really like the way it turned out. Yes, after the science fair, it did somehow make its way into a very special place! 
(the trash) 
I wonder who put it there.

And of course my mom as busy as she always is, had to make a Photo Booth for catholic schools week. Yay Moms!!

On the subject of catholic schools week here are a few of the best moments of it.

Jump rope for heart

Dress 50's day

And the talent show!

Moving on to February

I did solo and ensemble for the second time

I did really well 

And got a red ribbon!!

Ok...Mother jumping back in.  Emily started this post during her Spring Break and never finished it so I'm cutting her off.  I actually have some new things to post so I will pick up where she left off.  Thanks Emily!!

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January 2, 2017


It's me again! Not to overload you with double posts in just 2 days, but sadly I have to return to work soon which seems to equal very few blog posts.  

So it's 2017 and I thought I might post some of my favorite moments from 2016...but then I realized I would have to sort through months of photos and that seems like work (I'm on vacation).  Instead you will get my highlights from December.  

Emily performing in the Honolulu City Lights Parade

And my favorite...the lovely shot with her band director and the photo bomb by mom in the background :)

A selfie at the Manoa Christmas Parade where her dad stole her headband

And fluting again at the Winter Concert

Finally we were on winter break and got to go ice-skating with friends (no Olivia in these photos because she was in Japan)

Nori and her new stocking.  Fun fact: she loves socks.  She steals them from laundry baskets, from sock drawers and anywhere else she can find them (certainly not from bedroom floors because my girls would never be so messy).  She was pretty happy with this giant sock and drug it around regardless of the fact that it is bigger than she is.

The cookies somehow got made and delivered

The tree decorated

Notice no ornaments on the bottom of the tree.  I have to say Nori did pretty well with her first tree, but just to be sure I used my favorite ornament as a decoration this year.  

 No need to look at a calendar here, when the house is decorated, cookies delivered, and the presents wrapped, it must be Christmas Eve!  

Time for a few parties

Some good food

And the Christmas Eve hula!

The girls performed at all 3 services so David and I joined them at 11 pm and by the time we were leaving it was already Christmas!  

I always remember the time my family left church in Newtown and we walked out to a big snowstorm and a white Christmas.  Obviously it wasn't snowing here, but it's still a happy feeling to be heading home all together anticipating.

Santa didn't disappoint, and even brought me these beautiful flowers.  Nori appreciates the shade.    

We had a fantastic Christmas full of things we wanted, needed, and totally didn't need.  Olivia got to unwrap her acceptance letter to UH which for any of you who are (or have) awaited those letters know, was a pretty good gift!  We lounged, we ate, we played. 

Shortly after that...we celebrated a birthday, but not really.  As you know the 27th is a hard time to wrap up Christmas and shift to birthday.  On Tuesday we are heading to lunch and a movie with friends.  Having a 12 year old = much more reasonable about shifting the birthday a week to the right!

2016 is wrapping up.  We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on New Year's Eve.  A night FULL of fireworks and awoke (after little sleep due to said fireworks) to a beautiful 2017

It ended just as beautifully

I've gotten over hoping for an entire year to be great. I'm sure this year, like all the others, will be filled with joys and heartaches, ups and downs.  Instead I continue to pray that I can handle them all.  Appreciate the good and walk gracefully through the bad.  Either way it's exciting to look ahead and anticipate.  

Happy New year to all my friends and family - you are the ones that will undoubtedly allow me to meet my above stated goal.  


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