April 5, 2015

Spring Break

Busy Times, Happy Times!

We had a great visit with my Dad for Spring Break!

Lots and Lots of together time ;)

Painting time

Hiking time

More painting time

Olivia's school holds an annual carnival/fundraiser each year.  This year, Olivia organized her art club to do a live painting mural at the carnival.

How cool for her that her grandpa was there to join in the fun!

Go Owls!!

Then there were some driving tours

And a "short" (couldn't be much more than a mile) hike to Ka'ena Point.

This was about mile 3...in the rain...that my group started to turn on me

Press on we did and it was worth it!  Lots of birds, babies and sunshine at the end.

Emily and I headed back to school and Olivia started her break.  She and Grandpa enjoyed 3 glorious mom and little sister free days.  I don't think they are coming clean with all their adventures, but they both told me repeatedly it was "the best time ever"

Goodbyes are never easy, we got very used to having him around but have already begun plans for next year!  Now that we own our home, there is no shortage of work to be done ;)

Now we are on Easter Break...and this little one never stays in one spot for long.  She decided on Friday to make our Easter dessert

She was pretty pleased with her final result

I got to do a little decorating of my own

And I'm happy to report that the Easter Bunny came!  Not to mention the tooth fairy because we lost a tooth last night - kind of an epic morning at our house!

Happy Girls!!

Happy Easter to our friends and family!  

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