July 4, 2015

Weekend Fun

 The best part about extra days off is...extra days off!  We spent our first day of the long weekend doing some yard work.

This was an orchid left for us by the previous owners.  We are finally seeing our gift!

And our little guy was back!  Well, not so little.  Hard to tell in the photos this one from the smaller version but we spotted another Giant Madagascar Gecko.  He wasn't quite as big as the first one we saw, but still about 8" long and oh so pretty.

Then we hopped in the car and went here.  Bellows.  Quite possibly my favorite place to be.  

It was a perfect beach day.  Puffy clouds, slight breezes and warm water that didn't even make you cringe when it hit your belly for the first time.  A jump-right-in kinda day!

Emily even managed to catch a crab!  We named him Guy and tortured him for a bit before we let him go.  We joked that he went back to his friends and told them the story of being captured by a zebra :)

My Zebra

Tonight we are off to Waikiki to see the fireworks.  Enjoy your extra days and Happy 4th!

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