August 6, 2016

Summer Break

It came and went so fast and it's hard to believe we are already into our 2nd week of school!

Nonetheless, we had a fantastic summer of visiting.  We started our trip in Oklahoma where we got to spend lots of time catching up after 5 long years.  We tried not to wear everyone out with our (their) endless energy!

We made sure to get in lots and lots of hugs

And lots and lots of dog kisses (yuck!)

Of course we are Sonic deprived in Hawaii so we made this our daily treat!

Tearful goodbyes and we were off again to Pennsylvania

Which I have decided is the place to be if you can't be in Hawaii (in the summer of course, all bets are off in the winter).  

Plus, you can get some amazing fireworks!!

This was the before shot of the "who can eat a whole banana split" challenge.  I'll spare you the after shot but we are still arguing over who won :)  

My brother and his family rolled out the red carpet and entertained us night after night to good food and poolside fun with the cousins.  It was a lather, rinse, repeat few days and we loved every minute of it.

We managed to fit in a little night-time driving practice for our upcoming driver...complete with stops for firefly and cow gazing!

Learning how to pass an Amish buggy is a good skill too, but probably won't be on her driving test :)

This one opted out of the museum tours with Grandpa but did get a special fishing trip.  She caught about 9 fish - and if you laid them all end to end it wouldn't make a foot!  

Between her minnow catching and my boat driving we had more than a few good laughs

All good things come to an end.  Olivia went on from PA to a week in New Orleans with 30,000 of her closest Lutheran high school friends!  They had a magnificent time of worship and touring the city.  

David and I have traveled the globe with these girls, they have lived and visited some fascinating places and experienced many cultures which we wouldn't trade for the world.  Nothing compares however, to spending quality time with family.  My girls felt so at peace with just hanging out and laughing with everyone.  These are the times they will remember.  

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