August 22, 2015

Back to School (and stuff)

Well, when I started this post, we had in fact JUST gone back to school.  3 weeks later and I'm finally getting around to actually publishing it.  Don't ask me what I have been doing for 3 weeks - it's all a blur

We had a great summer but it was too short.  We enjoyed our home, the beaches and pools and yes, the indoor ice-rink!  It's the only time we get to wear long pants.

I had a birthday in there somewhere too, and Emily treated me to her most excellent Pot De Creme 

Olivia and I spent a morning at the DMV because who doesn't want to do that?  But we successfully renewed our licenses and she tortured me all the way home with driving selfies.

This was actually the first day of school (1/2 day) so a few of us hit the beach after a long 4 hours of teaching :)

Back to school is a drag, but it does mean one of our favorite shows returns.  Project Runway!!!  Emily is having her "make it work" moment

Oh yes, the first day of school before the beach shot.  Back to the uniform!!  At least they haven't taken away the fancy hair adornments

First day of work!!  Olivia didn't start for another week or so but she did get a local barista job this summer.  Everyone is in their polo's and out the door!

And of course, in addition to teaching, back to school means back to PTG and our personal goal of overachieving on every level.  These were left in teacher boxes for the first day.  Disclaimer: my sweet friend insisted that I not make myself cookies so she baked all 500!  

My classroom:

Here's to another year...wish us luck!

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