April 27, 2011

Wild Kittens!

A "real" royal wedding and a cheerleading clinic all in one week.  Emily is on cloud nine!  The school held a two day clinic and the "wild cat" cheerleaders taught the little ones some of their best moves.

She is the last one in the line.  I could only get two of the videos to post - they're short but you get the idea!

Best $20 check written to the school yet Dada!

Sounds silly to say but it's a beautiful time of year here, the weather is getting HOT, the trades are blowing and excitement for the end of school is brewing.  I was treated to lunch today for my volunteer work and afterwards a couple of us went to Starbucks for an impromptu cup o joe and stayed for over an hour.  All that and cheerleading too...what a great day!  

Ps. Grandpa H...you gotta try the cocoa cappuccino!  I ordered the "skinny" but I'm pretty sure the chocolate swirl on top took care of that!

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April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter but as usual our weekend was packed with parties, chores, school projects, Easter decorating and cooking.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...I'm pooped :)


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April 20, 2011

Kayaking Fun

Our boot camp instructor turns 31 this week (yes, I've tried to hate her but just can't) so a few of us decided to surprise her with a kayak trip to Mokulua island.   

It took us about an hour to get out there - yes, boot camp has it's payoffs.  Not sure I could have rowed for an hour a year ago!

Beautiful.  We started to explore and were told by some other kayakers that there was a "bath like" tide pool on the other side of the island.  

We went exploring but found we were woefully unprepared in our flip flops to manage the lava terrain.  We went as far as we deemed safe and then ran into a tour group that invited us to join them.  I quote "wanna follow us to the mouth of the volcano that formed this island and take a 20' jump into the ocean?"  Who could pass up an invite like that?

Don't know what they are but if you blow up on this photo you can see many of these holes have little purple creatures in them!

The view was awesome but about here I decided the cliff diving might not be for me!  I stopped here but can you see these nuts climbing out there to the lava tube?!!

I'm pretty game for a lot of things but I figure my carrier landing used up a life or two so I'm backing down from crazy for a while.  Um "bath like"?  Not so much.

 Here is the birthday girl in the pink shorts taking her jump!

She's a total rock star and I'm happy to report will live to see 32 ;)

Time to head back.  WAY back...

Me and my bff (she is a tri-athlete and got partnered up with the gal with the skinniest arms - poor thing).  Serves her right, she is moving soon and I haven't forgiven her for that yet! 

That was Monday, Tuesday we said goodbye to David and today was the final workshop for the Leadership group.  They surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet at the end.  They look great and smell even better - such a nice way to say thanks.  

My girlies have a half day tomorrow and are off on Friday and Monday.  I see candy and egg dying in my future but for now...a nap!

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April 17, 2011

Sunday Funday

It occurs to me after cycling through my blog that one might surmise my life is nothing but a beach party.  I confess, it is.  I'm all about fun in the sun and the poor staff (nanny, housekeeper and cook) do all those other mundane tasks for me.  It's a charmed life, I admit.

Not buying it?  Well, the reality is that Hawaii and it's lifestyle do breed a certain amount of irresponsibility in people!  It really is too easy to blow off that housework, laundry, and homework (I added that for Olivia) and hit the beach.

That's just what we did today!  We checked out White Plains beach which is a local hot spot for surfers.  This is where I want to take David's sister and family when they come this summer for lessons.  I must say the locals made it look easy - we'll see :)  

Sadly a change in schedule has David leaving soon for an extended trip so we are cramming in some last minute daddy time. Laundry can wait until tomorrow - oh wait...I'm going kayaking.  Maybe Tuesday!

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April 8, 2011


Thankfully I have some fantastically fun friends!  One of them organized a catamaran boat ride for us up the Waianae Coast yesterday! 

I have never been to this place on the island and have to admit it was fantastic!

It's a good look, yes?

These little guys thought so!  

We swam with the dolphins for a bit, you know, till that got old.

Then moved over to this remote area for some more snorkeling on a magnificent  coral reef.  I'll take that house on the left please.  

This is the last this little group of beauties saw of dry clothes!  The ride back was pretty bumpy and they saw some serious wave action!  (No...I didn't throw up) :)

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April 7, 2011


For all of you who suffered through my many posts about sun and surf while withstanding cold snowstorms...

PAYBACK!  I love Hawaii but something needs to be done about the bug situation.  This began disgusting and grew worse as I pulled it out with kitchen tongs and found it still alive (after shorting out the circuit numerous times).  Yuck.  Ick.  Ewwwwww!

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April 6, 2011

Koa Kai

The ships were out on an exercise this week called Koa Kai (roughly translated brave ocean).  Here are some shots - Lake Erie is the one closest to the sub.

Would have been a fun day to climb Diamond Head and take some photos!

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April 1, 2011

Big Day!

Liv got her braces on today.  Neat process and she chose alternating orange and teal bands to start.  She is really starting to look like a teen!

Donations can be sent directly to our account.  Please specify if you would like it to be used for school, dental, or recreational purposes.  Unspecified donations will go to my Starbucks card.   We thank you for your support.
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In the category of "not so important in terms of world events...but  important to a few" I sadly announce the passing of our beloved Fred.  Fred has been a formidable guard at the gate shack entering our housing area for many years.  He has woken us with his splendor, thrilled our children, made us laugh with his own Facebook page, and protected us well.  He was hit by a car yesterday that was driving too fast.  Fred leaves behind Ethel, his adoring wife who joined him just this past year.  

Many of us placed leis at his post yesterday.  Aloha Fred, we already miss you.

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