August 22, 2012

Va Ca Tion

My take is this: The 4 Seasons Lanai is a little like DisneyLand (minus the rides, crowds, lines, princesses...etc).  
Everything costs a fortune, but you leave feeling like you got your moneys worth!

We had an awesome trip - chock full of just what we wanted, a whole lot of nothing! 

The view from our room!

The first morning we strolled to the beach for a paddle boarding expo taught by a world champion.  He paddled from Molokai to Oahu in 5.5 hours!!

We all got a turn but only Miss Emily was given a ride by said champion out in the bay to see the dolphin babies who were so young they were still being pushed to the surface by the mama for air!  That kid has the life.

Spent a lot of time here too...

In our shaded cabana waiting for the pool employees to bring us fruit kabobs, or spritz us with Evian, or clean our know, the regular every day stuff.  Seriously, they cleaned my glasses!  

When that got old, we took walks around the grounds...  

And of course, enjoyed some fantastic sunsets

Somewhere out here I think the Hughes made the decision to retire in Hawaii one day.  Can you blame us?  We are accepting donations to the retirement fund - obviously those who contribute will have special visitation rights.  Just sayin.

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August 15, 2012


Does anyone really like to say goodbye?  Like everything else, there is probably a scale (you know...with Emily on one end and let's say, well, someone not too caring on the other) but the fact is I've never met anyone that loves goodbyes.  FYI, I'm closer to the Emily side of the scale.

Given that, I won't prattle on about spending today at a hotel with one of my favorite families as they prepare to leave.  I'll just thank them for staying at such a lovely place and inviting me for the day.  

I also might point out that these are the photos I'm taking just days before my vacation!  WHAT?

Mahalo for the laughs pal - to say more, well, I'd need a whole poster ;)

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