September 13, 2013

Most Exciting Day!

Olivia is really enjoying her digital art course.  Her first assignment was to animate an interview segment about an exciting day memory.

For those of you who know me well, you are giggling at the fact that her most exciting day had anything at ALL to do with St. Patricks Day.  Glad they enjoyed that at school, that's one holiday where my overachiever muscles don't get any exercise :)

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September 5, 2013

Turtle Time

To start...I did NOT take these photos.  I wish I could say I did, but they are so cool I figured I would share them with you.  They were taken by Lava Light Galleries - an amazing group of photographers.   Here is a link to their blog if you have some time to look.  BEAUTIFUL!

It's an amazing world isn't it?  

I did take this shot...started my day with a beautiful morning paddle.  It was quiet and still and peaceful...till this big, giant, warship named USS Lake Erie went cruising by!  She looked awesome - sorry no photo, I was on my board :)  

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