November 28, 2014

House Photos

JUST KIDDING!  No more house photos (for a while)

We are about 6 weeks into being residents of Manoa and I'm happy to report life is slowly returning to normal!  Or our new normal, or whatever.  It's still day to day crazy but we have managed a few things other than unpacking.  

Mostly throwing out and selling!  About 2 weeks into the madness our 3000 lbs of storage junk showed up.  This is where 2800 lbs ended up!

Awful right?  I despise yard sales, but the job got done and what didn't sell went right to Goodwill.  

Good riddance junk...I don't miss you at all

Then there was a little holiday called Halloween.  This is about as far as our decorating went this year, and we were lucky to get that done.  

Luckily her class had a big shindig full of crafts and food so all was happy.

My Candy Corn Witch!  Notice the orange sequin shoes :)  You didn't really think this one would go as an ugly witch did you?

Warning: house photos! (tricky aren't I?)

But only to show you where I now spend most of my time these days.  We finally got some lanai furniture and the views don't disappoint!  Every few minutes it's something new...

Big storm covering Waikiki, it nailed us about 10 minutes later!

Thanksgiving sunset

And speaking of...ours was fit for a King.  A bunch of them really.  We had a LOT of food - good news is I shouldn't have to cook for a week!

Emily's apple pie!

The post turkey nap!

Yes, no happy holiday is complete without Mom torturing everyone with the dreaded Christmas Card photos!  Too bad I couldn't get my camera to cooperate and take one of the 4 of us.

And as is becoming custom...I'll end my post with another Manoa creature.  This "Giant Madagascar Gecko" was on the stairs to greet me the other day.  Giant indeed, hard to tell in the photos but he was about 9" long and 2" wide!  

He wasn't too bothered by me and stayed put while I called everyone out to take a peek.  Apparently he is a bit of a biter if you try to grab him; there was no danger of that.  While I thought he was magnificent, I was not tempted to show him any love!

Mahalo for your patience with my blogging.  Things are starting to return to normal.  Happy Thanksgiving to all, I hope you had a wonderful day!

Countdown to Christmas!!! 
(27 days for those of you in denial)

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