November 26, 2016

I'm not sure if we are getting more boring or so fantastically interesting that I simply have no time to blog anymore.  Probably the former, but humor me and pretend I'm wildly exciting.  Either way, not posting this long is a record for me so I'll try to catch you up.

Our biggest news of course is the addition of this one.  Nori.  She came into our lives when David and Olivia were out on a practice drive and found her in the middle of a busy street.  They say she was howling and her paws were burning so they scooped her up and brought her home.  

We took her to the vet a day later and figured out she was a she, she was only about 3 weeks old and according to the vet had a slim chance of living.  Emily ignored that piece of information and we set about becoming cat people.  

I will spare you all the details of becoming a mama cat but to summarize, it involves feedings every few hours, lots of snuggling to keep warm, being peed on more than a few times and lots of other fun things you didn't know.  

The first week I had to sneak her into my work and keep her under my desk and hope she wouldn't wake up when I had classes!  She happily traveled back and forth with us each day...until my boss found out.  Let's just say she isn't a cat person. 

Slowly but surely she figured it all out.  Eating and drinking from a  dish, litter box...the whole nine yards.  Now she just spends her time wavering between sweetheart and terrorist.  We all have the scratches to prove the terrorist part.



All that aside, a pet is a wonderful addition to a family.  You don't know how much you needed one until you have one.  I'm hoping now that we have Nori the fish tank can go.  She is interested in helping me with this goal.

Sprinkling in lovely sunset photo

So this one is a Senior and is as busy as ever.  1st semester is almost done and college apps are in, finals are in 2 weeks and she is heading to Japan for 8 days in December with her Hula class!

 Her fall dance concert was a few weeks ago and although it always involves a horrendous rehearsal schedule and late nights making all these lei...she always has a wonderful time and it's great to see her perform.

2 more beautiful sunset shots

and a beach shot...just to prove that we still live in Hawaii

This one is having a fantastic year as well.  Her favorite thing to do (besides crafting anything she can cut, glue, tape or stitch) is play the flute.  Recently a few members of the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra came to school for a visit.  

When I met this flutist I remarked that my daughter Emily would be thrilled to meet him and hear him play.  He remarked "oh, you're Emily's mom?  We met her earlier, we played some Harry Potter together and I got to show her my flute from Japan.  She's awesome."  That's my Emily!  Never, ever late to the party.

She will be marching in the Honolulu City Lights parade in a few weeks to kick of the season!

She has also decided to play volleyball this season.  That's her with the pink writing on her shirt.  She says it's better than basketball and seems to enjoy being on the team.

We enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving.  Our spirits were heavy this season having just lost our beloved father and grandfather.  We are grateful that he is no longer in pain and hold his memory tightly in our hearts.  We are thankful for the life he had, all he shared with us, and for our time together this summer.  

 Rest in Peace Grandpa.  

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