November 24, 2012

I'm the Turkey!!

Can you believe it?  A million dollars of camera and I didn't take a single picture on Thanksgiving!  Ugg, you'll have to trust me - it was beautiful, plentiful and lovely!

For the 3rd or 4th year in a row (who's counting), we hosted folks from the ship.  We had a full house, more food than we could eat in a week and it was a very nice day.

Unfortunately, about a half an hour before we headed outside to my lovely back yard to enjoy our dinner - it began to pour!  Not your typical Hawaiian liquid sunshine all out downpour.  Oh well - quick change of plans and seating arrangements and all was well inside.

Here is where I would show you our beautiful turkey, our plentiful table, the flowers etc.  My bad, I'll try to do better for Christmas or Santa might take my camera back ;)

Hope your day was magical and you had lots to be thankful for!

November 10, 2012

Fall Fest!

Apologies for the photo quality (or lack there of) in this post.  Too much running around madness to lug big Bertha along for the night.  

We attended our 4th Fall Festival at school last night.  The theme this year was "Happiest Place on Main Street"

As usual, it was a super fun-filled night of rides, games and food!

This one has no fear...none!

She was WAY up there, and loved the fact that a teenaged boy chickened out just before her :)

Big girls had fun too!

We were treated to the performing arts show of glee club and Ukulele.  I was a little sad thinking this is one of the last times I will get to see Liv play as part of a group ;(  

Em's BFF's were there too...

This trio is thick as thieves and I bet they give Mrs. B a run for her money!

Another super fun night!
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November 1, 2012

Emily (2nd grade - 2012)

Olivia (Kindergarten - 2004)


Halloween night is just such fun when you are a kid.  I have very fond memories of covering miles in my neighborhood and coming home to count the loot!

Hawaii is better because you don't have to wear long johns and gloves :)  

It was a fun night - and we never even made it to the cake!  

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