December 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Emily: and other stuff!

Christmas Eve

Both girls performed the Silent Night hula at church!

Along with these two beauties :)

Here is a clip for your viewing pleasure.  

Insert random beautiful sunset photo

Not in chronological order, but we also surprised the girls with tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet!  

And dinner at Gyu-Kaku afterwards!  Yummy Japanese BBQ that you cook at your table.  

When your sister is getting her hair cut, you should bring along your new makeup kit in case there is another young pal there willing to let you practice!

Just down the street from our house, the Salvation Army puts on a live Nativity show each year.  Super cute (betcha didn't know angels could hula?)

Another random sunset shot

Flowers from Santa!

Gifts from Grandparents

New crystal ornament to me from Olivia!  Beautiful

Birthday Party Sleepover!  Movie and Jiffy Pop

Pancakes and sunrise

Swimming in Waikiki after cupcake decorating...

Happy Day to my big "double digit" girl!!

December 20, 2014

Christmas Break is officially on!  

Of course we are not quite ready for the big day, but we've been having fun getting there, and are happy to have some time off to relax and enjoy the season.

Somehow all this happened the weekend after Thanksgiving, so we've had lots of time to feel festive in our new place.

And yes, for those of you dying to see this beauty...we did it again.  On purpose :)  You sure it's not growing on you yet?

Captured this shot at the end of a cute local Christmas Parade in our town.  I bet that elf is getting a bonus this year, holding up Santa's pants for the whole walk!

My little elf got a nice bonus too - a gift exchange in her classroom!  I think her pals know her extremely well.  

We wish you love, joy and peace and hope you are all having a wonderful season.  Merry Christmas!

Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a little dancing :)  
Click on the link below for a special gift from our family to yours. 

Here's a little video we made in NYC this summer! 
 Merry Christmas!