November 28, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving (Where did November Go??)

Two days ago, amidst all the cooking, I would have told you we were eating out next year!  Now that it's behind me and I don't have to cook for a few days thanks to leftovers, I can happily reflect on a lovely day.

Apple pie (I might just be eating the last piece right now for breakfast)

Pumpkin pie with pecan streusel. 

Our highly overpriced, super organic, not frozen, stress free turkey from Whole Foods.

Worth every penny!  

I seriously can't believe Christmas is less than a month away!  I'm sure my next post will be me swearing never to do it all again and then happily reflecting on the memories :)  And so it goes.

In the Manoa Critter update category...haven't seen too many of our favorite green guys lately.  They may have drowned - we have had biblical rain lately.  Here are some of our not so favorite nor cute guys:

About the size of your palm and able to destroy my herb garden in a single night.  Grrrrr.

Also about the size of your palm but he didn't do much.  Just sat there and let us take his picture.

But thankfully we have lots of these

This was an early morning beach cleanup extra credit activity for Olivia.  We let her clean and took a nice sunrise reef walk.  Just beautiful.

Latest hula performance photos.  I can't take any at the performance, but thankfully every teen has selfies!

Here we go....(yes, we love them so much we got a mini for the lanai).  Can't wait!!

November 1, 2015

Adios October!

October was a busy month!  The best part was a visit from Emma during our Fall break.  Here are a few shots from our nearly 3 weeks together...

My beautiful (yes it's real) Hibiscus

Our delicious lilikoi (passion fruit) shave ice treat

A stupendous brunch at Mariposa

 And sightseeing on some gorgeous days...

 And of course, sunset happy hours on the lanai

Sadly we couldn't keep her forever.  Back to school and work for us and back to PA for her.  (Not before we had her whip up a fantastic Gryffindor robe for Halloween of course)

Getting all set for the big day!

Hermione Granger herself

Dad for the win with the home-made, light up, official looking wand!!

Expecto Patronum! 

School pals

Big girl didn't trick or treat, but she did wake up at 4 am to pull off this amazing Dia de los muertos look for school.  Fierce huh?

It was a fun couple of days but Halloween just wears me out! What you ask did I do to celebrate my fabulous husband on his 50th birthday?  Nothing.  Nada.  Thankfully he is a big boy and spent the weekend dealing with repairmen, shopping for basketball shoes for the newest member of the Holy Family basketball team (yes, basketball!) and handing out candy.  We will make it up to him somehow. Maybe even before Thanksgiving!!

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