May 10, 2014

Whatcha Been Doin?

I'm happy to report that my lack of posting this time around has not been due to illness!  Just regular old "busy"ness!

April showers bring May flowers, but in Hawaii, May brings HULA!  Lots and lots of hula! 

Emily again took part in the Lei day celebration at school.  I had to substitute teach that day so I didn't get any good photos of her fully dressed with her lei, but as you can see she was pretty excited.  

It was a great show as usual but it was weird not to see my Olivia up there in the royal court :(

 This was my 7th grade band of hooligans I was babysitting (ahem, substituting) that day.

But wait...there was more hula!  Olivia's school puts on a Spring performance also.  This happened to be the 25th anniversary of the program so it was a bit of a big deal.

My apologies for the photo quality.  This was no small time production...the kids reported to the Hawaii Theater at 8 am for a 5 pm showtime.  I didn't get back stage, nor was I allowed to take shots during the show.  

She had fun, lots of costume changes and dances.  I can't say the same for her sister who had to sit through a 3 hour show.  Yeah, 3 hours...

Then there was sailing.  Olivia was a member of the JV sailing team at her school this year.  David and I finally made it to the last regatta of the year to watch them in action.

Quite honestly, it was mostly chaos but someone out there was keeping score and I think the final result for the season left her team in 2nd place overall!

The Skipper and her crew ;)

As for addition to all that and the regular hum drum stuff...I've been teaching quite a bit.  This past week was also teacher appreciation week.  The PTA group at school is, well let's just say, insanely over the top.  I'm not in charge of this group, just an indian, so I wear what I'm told and keep my mouth shut.  (FYI...if you don't, you end UP in charge)

Here are just a few of the shindigs we put together for the week.  Our theme was "you mean the world to us" so each day we treated them to a different country of food and gifts

Kinda makes you wish you were a teacher there right?  Well guess what???


I was officially offered a job as computer teacher on Friday!  I start in late July and I'm pretty excited - t's been 15 years since I got paid to work!

For sure I'll miss my laze around the house eating bon bon days, but I'll be home by 3, have holiday and summer breaks, and let's be honest...most Mondays off :)  

No snow days though...

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