June 29, 2012

Another Best Day

I can't really say today was the best day ever, but it certainly ranks up there! 

RIMPAC (the world's largest international maritime exercise which includes 22 nations and brings 25,000 sailors to Hawaii) began today. Some of us decided it would be fun to get nice and close up to the action!

I tried my hardest to narrow down my 150+ photos from today  to my favorite 10 but just couldn't do it.  These families are my absolute besties and I loved every shot!  These are the folks that make the mandatory stuff fun and the fun stuff a blast.  

Coral or conch shell?

Sadly, these boys have a hard time letting go and having fun. It's a shame

Oh wait, they figured it out :)


Emily, the photo crasher

Dads: for when you just can't walk another step!

Crazy close - a submarine going out and a ship coming in

Tonight started the 11 day in a row bonanza of receptions aboard various ships in port.  Looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people and the wardrobe changes!  

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June 22, 2012

Waterfall Fun

We took a beautiful walk up to the falls at Waimea the other day.  Beautiful day, beautiful flowers, trees, wildlife and of course, falls.

This guy was sure pretty but very misbehaved!  We saw him snatch a cheeseburger from a diner - happy to report she screamed just like I would have when he did it.

Messing with the camera, same shot at different speeds to get different effects.  

Happy day (cold water).  This is as far as she got in!

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June 19, 2012

Feeling Better Enough to Climb Trees!

We tried to have one kind of busy week, and ended up having a busy week in another way!  We started with Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Betty flying in and a beautiful sunset drive on the beach...

Then we took an unfortunate stomach bug turn and poor Em just couldn't shake it.  She and I spent some time at our old local favorite spot (Tripler), and slowly but surely we are heading back to normal.

Somewhere in all that we managed a little fun and even an excursion to swim with the sharks!  Not dolphins this time, Grandpa, Olivia and David decided that was for wimps - they went straight for the shark cage!  That was the day I was at Tripler so I didn't get to see it for myself but they took some photos with an underwater camera for proof (and they brought home the t-shirt)! 

Time for Daddy to head out again so we went to wave him off (and climb some trees)

Oh, she lost ANOTHER tooth!  Poor kid looks like a West Virginian!

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