April 24, 2016


Fair warning: pretty girl + pretty dress + 2 grandmas = lots of photos.  Enter at your own risk!

A photography teacher once told me that a camera reports the truth but it can also tell a lie.  I thought of that when I looked at this photo of my beautiful girly girl putting on her gold, sparkly shoes with matching nail polish...

And panning out to see the legs covered in bruises and scrapes from my not so girly girl and her love for open ocean sailing!

Again, can't take the sailor outta the girl

Oh the hairspray!!

whoa, tricky move there!

This just might be my favorite of the bunch!

The kids had a lot of fun but now it's back to work!!  Only one month left of Junior year - where has the time gone?

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April 6, 2016

Hello Friends!

 And Happy Easter!

We have been pretty busy with the usuals...holidays, sicknesses, school work, work work, and a sprinkling of shopping!

Here is Emily's new dress

And HEELS.  So very grown up right?

My new dress (and yes I know, I'm pretty "grown up" too)

and her new dress

He did not get a new dress, but he did get to wake up at 4:30 to take Olivia to church to help the youth group prepare breakfast :)  

And of course the Easter Bunny came and delivered all sorts of goodies!

My Easter Basket...yum!

Thankfully I have two pretty good bakers in the house (I'm not one of them) so I always get delicious holidays treats without the work.  It's a win.

David and Emily went YouTubing one day and found a new way to color eggs.  That (sadly) is not whipped cream, but shaving cream.

Add in lots of food coloring drops and swirl it around

Roll your egg around in it until it's a big mess

wearing gloves if you're smart

and let it sit for about 15 min when you are done swirling

Not spectacular - but not horrible either

Of course, nothing beats the old rubber cement regular method which we also had going

Ta da...

I'm also happy to report that our deviled eggs did not taste like soap :)

So, lets see, what else have we been up to?  Well, this one was sick for most of the month of March!  In retrospect I think it might have been the flu, she stayed sick for days and missed 9 days of school.  Not fun.  Especially while you are working on the dreaded science fair project!

  She powered through this night until 8 pm at school and gave a great presentation.  She tested which household item was the "dirtiest".  We had petri dishes, an incubator and the whole deal!  It was cool but now I have to sterilize my house after seeing the results - yuck!  

Olivia had a nice long spring break (that didn't coincide with ours) that she spent mostly working but also a little funning!  We did have a few days off together so we got to go prom dress shopping!!!  

This was the winner.  We are busy accessorizing and hemming, can't wait to see the final result.  So very pretty.

When she isn't playing dress up, working on college prep, doing homework, or being a barista, she is working hard on the sailing team.  She was very excited to make the Varsity 1 team this year and yesterday they had their first regatta.

Apparently Varsity 1 sails out on the open ocean vs in the channel so it was hard to see what was going on from the shore. 

Obligatory Diamond Head shot

Obligatory sunset shot

Ok, back to sailing.  That's about what it looked like - I honestly couldn't tell who was doing what but it was fun to watch.

After the races were over I was able to get some good shots of them returning through the channel...

So that's that.  We have had a few bumps lately with family issues.  David's father is battling cancer at the moment and while we are hopeful for healing we appreciate any and all prayers for him and the family as it's a very difficult time.  My aunt also passed unexpectedly last week and we are keeping my mom and her family in our prayers.   These are not easy things to handle as adults and certainly difficult for the kids.  We are thankful for the happy moments, our faith, and definitely our friends.  Thanks for the prayers, chats and laughs - they go a long way!

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