April 25, 2009

Sunny Day

We had a beautifully sunny day yesterday and I took the opportunity to spend it outside with Emily and her neighborhood peeps. We were out from about 1-5 running through the sprinkler, bike riding, rolling down hills etc. The girls had a blast and so did the mom's! (We did none of the above mentioned things, we read magazines and sipped margaritas.) Poor Emily, never did it occur to her daft mother that she might need sunscreen on her back as she was wearing a halter top - she got a pretty good burn. I took her home and gave her a cool bath, put her in jamies and went to make dinner. About 10 minutes later this is how I found her at the computer...OUT! It isn't easy to wear this little one out so aside from the pink shoulders, I consider it a good day.

I am off for my overnight campout with Olivia and her troop today. Looking forward to it - they have lots of activities planned (canoeing, mountain boarding, horseback riding and of course smore making by the campfire tonight). It's supposed to be almost 90 today - yes, I have the sunscreen.

April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend!

Another busy weekend but it was filled with beautiful weather which always makes it more fun! On Sunday afternoon we surprised the girls with tickets to a local baseball game (the Potomac Nationals). Very small stadium but it had all the makings for fun, hot dogs, funnel cakes, and a goofy mascot (Uncle Slam). Although Emily told me she was bored and wanted to go home about the 3rd pitch, she eventually got into it and very much enjoyed running the bases after the game! Of course she dropped her shoe over the railing onto the field at one point and we had to yell for a player to help us retrieve it. She thought that was pretty funny too. Ha ha. The Nationals had a great game and won 11-6. Olivia's soccer team won again on Saturday also, 4-1. Go Tigers!

April 16, 2009

Go Navy

Not much else to say...love this poster. Go Navy!!!

Conversation with Emily last night at dinner:

"Can't we please get a dog?"


"Please, why?"

"Because Mommy doesn't need another thing to take care of. We are not getting a dog now."


"Look, you can either have Mommy or a dog."


April 13, 2009

Technology Curse!

Ok, so I am not a big subscriber to karma and all that but our technology mojo is in serious need of help in this house. While the cousins were visiting a virus was downloaded on our desktop computer and it completely destroyed our system. After 2 days of trying to scrub the virus clean David finally had to submit and totally wipe our hard drive clean and rebuild the computer from ground zero. (With 7 children running about.) It took him 4 days of almost non-stop work and I am really impressed that he could even do it.

In the middle of all that the laptop got a virus (he was able to scrub that clean without a total overhaul) and now my very favorite possession...yes, my GPS, is on the fritz. After googling the particular version of Garmin I own it seems that the total loss of satellite reception is happening to people with no real fix! WHAT? This is going too far! Those of you who know me know that this is a disaster!

Before I totally panic and run to the nearest Best Buy to relieve myself of a few hundred bucks, I have taken a deep breath and emailed a nasty gram to Garmin. We'll see if they are devastated about my loss and are going to rush out personally to hand deliver me a new product. While I'm holding my breath for that, please send me well wishes, prayers, good luck charms, positive thoughts and if you must, money :)

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We were up bright and early today yelling at the top of our lungs because the Easter Bunny left eggs outside the bedroom doors and a trail of them to the kitchen where we found some very full Easter baskets!
Olivia wasn't too thrilled with the yelling but did like the loot she found - including a new wii dance game (Hottest Dance Party Revolution 2) to be exact. We are going to get our groove on later :)

The week with the cousins was good fun and included a trip into DC to see the Cherry Blossoms, tennis, bowling, egg dying and all kinds of noise making activities. With 7 children in the house everything was noisy! It's hard to believe they are getting so big.

April 6, 2009


Olivia has switched soccer teams again and is now an official "mighty tiger"! She is on Madelines team now which is nice for her and even nicer that they are a REALLY good team. They won their first game on Saturday and Olivia was very close to scoring twice. She also played goalie for the first half and didn't let a single ball get by her.

We had a beautiful weekend and spent lots of time playing outside. Emily found a ladybug and has nearly loved that thing to death over the last two days! She has made a "home" for her and surprisingly "Lady" is still there each morning. I am not anxious to wake up to the day she is not.

David has the week off and we are awaiting the arrival of my brother and his family tomorrow. The girls are very excited and if the weather can cooperate a little we hope to go see the cherry blossoms and do some fun stuff in DC. I took advantage of him being home today and went upstairs to lay down for a while and heard this conversation!

"Daddy, can you get the wagon and the toy car and give me a ride"

"I will pull you in the wagon, but you are too big to fit in the car"

"half wagon ride, half car ride"


"half wagon, half car"


"Wagon first, then car. Did you hear me? Half wagon, half car"

"I'm not riding you in the car Emily, let's get the wagon"

"Ok........then the car. Half wagon, then half"....(door shut).

I was laughing so hard I couldn't sleep. Welcome to my world. I wonder what she will be when she grows up. BTW...she got the ride in the car ;)

April 3, 2009

New Doo!

First day of spring break, first order of business...the dreaded haircut! As you can see we took lots off but there is still plenty there. Olivia looks adorable and after all was said and done she really likes it! Bring on Spring!