March 30, 2014

Beach Weekend

 So, like most of you, this was our view this weekend.  
(I'm such a brat!)  

The forecast was for rain, but they were wrong

Liv ran into a buddy from her old school and soccer team

Nice way to catch up!

When she wasn't surfing

Duh.  This was me trying to get a selfie with the amazing view...

This was the actual view

This was the snack

And this was my view from the kitchen while making dinner!

This was our morning surf

And the panorama.  

No more asking if we "really" want to retire here!  
We really do :)

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March 27, 2014

Spring Break Smackdown!

The better part of the last two weeks has been Spring Break for one or more of my girls!  It's ALWAYS nice to get a reprieve from the everyday and have a few days full of...

BFFL Playdates (best friends for life)

Blackberry Lemonade on the lanai (no Dad, doesn't come close to the pies of Virginia, but still refreshing)

Enjoying the beauty of the islands

Toying with my new, no bangs look...curly vs non curly (these are serious matters folks)

Reminiscing with pals about the good old days ;)

The 3 of us haven't been together in nearly 17 years!!  So fun to catch up.

Fun with neighbor pals 2014 style

A sisters only shopping trip!

Another very serious contemplation...frames vs no frames.

No need to chime in, my Facebook poll was a hands down no frames vote.

 And a batch of the "best ever, never had it so good, chocolate chip s'more cookies

 I found the recipe here:

This gal is Fussy with a capital F, but we followed her recipe to the "t" (minus the unsalted butter.)  

The s'more addition was ours (with a little help from Pinterest.) We made the cookie as directed, sliced it in half and inserted a graham cracker, flat marshmallow, a sprinkle of chips and another graham cracker, and squeezed the top back on.  

Some exploded, some didn't...but the taste!  Oh my.  
Fussy paid off.  

Happy Spring :)

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March 9, 2014

Freshman Banquet

 My big girl headed off to the Freshman Dance last night!

If you don't already have teen aged girls, be matter how sweet the outfit, you can't stop them from looking too grown up!  

No high heels for this girl, funky sneakers all the way ;)

She's still my goofball, no matter how grown up!

 Had to toss in this shot of her amazing hair.  

While we were up doing hair, little girl got some quality time with daddy building her newest light up lego set!  

Kitty-sitting is a lucrative business, and we couldn't wait to spend it all on this glow up candy store.

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