October 29, 2011

Lake Erie, Arriving!

Seems like a long time ago we were informed that David was going to command USS LAKE ERIE, March 2009 to be exact.  No complaints about the wait - we have had the good fortune to sit it out in Hawaii and as you know have been having the time of our lives!  As such, we got to celebrate the day yesterday with amazing friends that we wouldn't have if we had just shown up this month.  

Well worth the wait...it was a beautiful day, a beautiful setting, and celebrated, of course, with the beautiful people!

Well placed in front of the Oklahoma State flag!

One can only maintain "church" behavior for so long!

We were showered with aloha!

The whole day made me reminisce about our first command long, long ago.  That day we celebrated with our families, the Newmans and the Chapmans.  You were all missed this time around but not far from our thoughts.  

(Scott, David and I might have had a little giggle remembering "From Clam to Thunder")

Thanks to all for the unconditional love and support you always show us.  We are blessed.  Go Navy!

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October 26, 2011

Why Overachievers Shouldn't be Room Mom's


we don't know how

to do anything


I have spent the last few days cutting out the centers of plates, stuffing marshmallows in bags, drawing pictures, counting candy, pasting google eyes, cutting out shapes and coordinating a buffet fit for royalty.  Yes, this is me "throwing together a little something simple for the kids."  Yes, I know they are 6 and don't care.  Yes, I need help.

I'm off to treat the little one's to a few hours of over the top fun that will probably leave them all crying from the sugar crash.  I'm really not very good at this room mom thing.

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October 21, 2011


We are finally around to getting our Halloween on!  Yesterday we pulled "Wanda" out of storage and got busy decorating!

While we were at the store stocking up on candy, decorations and all those other things you didn't know you needed until you showed up at Target, we got BOO'D!!

Thanks for the loot "secret pumpkin".  The girls were very excited and luckily we were ready to keep it going!

Emily and I grabbed our bags and headed out just after dark.  Wanna feel young again?  Go place treats on doorsteps, ring bells and run like crazy!  We had a great time but it just wasn't the same without our getaway cohort that we had last year.  Aunt Betty...we missed you!

No matter the fun, a life of crime isn't in the cards for me.  I had a text on my phone calling me out before I even returned home!  

Enjoying Fall!

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