June 12, 2015

Look Out Below!

Well, school is out and after completing every Dr. visit possible, I decided to do some light gardening.  

David was against it, but when he left for work I decided to shimmy up our palm tree and hack off some coconuts for breakfast!

I know it doesn't really look like me, but it's the hat

You mainlanders pay for coconut water...we just pour it on the ground :)

Well, most of it...

In truth, that was one of the scariest things I've seen to date.  My heart was beating out of control the whole time that guy was in the tree.  Not for the fainthearted folks - I won't even tell you about the wind!

This is more my speed.  I've been working on this little herb garden for quite sometime.  Most of it is going rather well.  The pineapple is going in next!!  Much easier to cut down than a coconut!

For Father's Day we also had this baby cut down.  David can't stand it and all the "rubbish" it leaves in our back yard.  What better present then no more sweeping?

My hibiscus row doing rather well also.  Notice no flowers Dad!  We are patiently plucking them all off to allow the plants to grow.  One day this will be full of beautiful yellow hibiscus (and I think one red one that was mis-marked)  

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