August 31, 2010

Warning: Post is intended to make you come visit!

We took Emma to Turtle Beach this weekend - as you can see it's stunning.  The turtles are so friendly!  They swim around and actually look for people to play with.  We tried to feed them once but they weren't interested...they just like the company.  Another beautiful day in paradise.  Call now to book your room - this offer won't last long.   If you act now, we will throw in an umbrella drink for FREE!

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August 26, 2010

It's been a while since I posted a glam shot of my little Em.  One might surmise that she is growing out of the cosmetology phase and becoming more of a scholar now that she has matured to the Kindergarten level.  One would be wrong to assume such things.  Make-up and hair are still her number one passions and now that her best customer is in town she is in salon style bliss. Make-up and specifically lip gloss are still the bribe of choice in the house and since her school has a strict no make-up, jewelry, or bling of any type policy she has been known to give me an extra long smarmy kiss in the car to steal my lipstick.  Stinker.

Olivia is off to a fantastic start at school.  Her ukulele playing is still her big passion and she has her first soccer game this weekend.  It's a totally new team again this year, one of the hazards of military life is you never get to play with the same kids for more than a season or two and just when they find their place in respect to one another it all changes.  She continues to be the neighborhood kid magnet.  Children of all ages LOVE Olivia.  This shot was at the Hale Koa last week and I don't even think we know this child!

She was surrounded by little ones all day but she loves them as much as they love her!

Emily's BFF Abigail has a little sister Annie.  Annie and Olivia are pretty tight - which just might make someone else a little jealous - I'm just sayin!

My Mom and I are having a great time.  We have already finished the guest room makeover, started on the bathroom re-do and are eying Olivia's bedroom.  Out with the little girl, in with the "tween".  Oh boy.  We took a day off today and decided to go visit the USS MISSOURI battleship (Mighty Mo).  She just finished a major overhaul this winter and is back on her watch over the USS ARIZONA memorial.  She is a big girl with a lot of gun power.  You may or may not know that she was decommissioned but brought back to life in 1986 under Ronald Reagan and fought in the Gulf War.  Originally she was built during WWII and it was on her decks that the surrender was signed in Tokyo Bay. 

Although I have been aboard a few times for Navy events, this was my first official tour.  As always my favorite part is the deck...Burmese Teak.  These boards have seen 4 wars and a lot of action!

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August 22, 2010

Has it been that long?

I know, I's been a while.  What have we been doing? The usual. Back to school, getting Daddy off on his trip, starting soccer, doing homework, practicing instruments and just when you get the hang of this routine...a 4 day weekend.  No, you didn't miss a holiday, in Hawaii we like to celebrate our "statehood" day which was Friday and Monday is a Catholic sumptin or other so we have that off too. 

Week one without David was predictable.  Me overcompensating for the absence of a parent (ie...wearing myself out trying to be mom and dad so they won't notice) and them crying every night that they miss him.  Glad to report we are done with that, have the new webcam installed and are starting to adjust.  I am now resorting to what anyone in their right mind would - flying my Mom in for a few weeks!

Part of my extended absence is due to the fact that I lost my camera for a bit and had no fabulous photos to share but I have since found it under the couch cushions with the TV remote, loose change and elusive ukulele pick so I am back in business.  I did carry it around this weekend as we visited every pool on the island but have very few shots that are blog worthy. 

The girls are doing well in school - Emily has a hard time separating from me but does fine once she is around the corner.  I am trying the "hands off" approach with Olivia this year.  Her homework, her responsibility, her grades.  She really needs me to back off and realize she can handle this on her own.  Not sure I will live through it but I know she will!  Luckily I have a new kindergartner to smother :)

Sorry for the slump.  Now that the help is a comin' I promise to get in the game again.   

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August 10, 2010

A year in review

I noticed the counter on the side of my blog the other day - we have passed the one year mark of arriving in Hawaii and are almost at the anniversary of moving into our house (August 30).  I looked back at what we were doing last August and we were on our 4th relocation to the house in Kailua, David had started his job as Chief of Staff and the girls had both begun their year at new schools. 

David is now finished with that job and is heading to schools in preparation for the next.  Recently the Admiral presented him with an end of tour award. 

He won't like that I posted these but it's always nice to be recognized for hard work and anyone who knows him knows he worked very hard this year to make some positive changes for the waterfront. 

Once the formal stuff was out of the way they proceeded to put him in the dunk tank for the office picnic!

This was our house when we moved in...

And here it is now!  It's been a year of changes and adjustments but also a year of surprises, new experiences and joys.  I am thankful the change in job this time doesn't equal a change in location.  There is no place else we would rather be.  The next phase will require lots of time without Daddy but we will make it work.  The guest room is getting a makeover this week so now is the time to plan your trip :)

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August 3, 2010

Back to School

And she's off!  I have to admit that I was incredibly sad sending my baby to Kindergarten today.  Not because I don't relish the thought of some "me" time after 12 years but because I know from experience that I am going to blink and she will be a broody teenager.

Clearly she has perfected her pageant smile.

As you can see she had no anxiety, was thrilled to be going to the same school as the "big kids" and had no problems booting me out the door.  As it should be - means I am doing my job.  Sniff, sniff.

Our neighbor and friend from pre-school.
This is what cute, little 5 yr. olds look like going off to school...

This is what the 6th grade set looks like.  Frightening right?  We carpool with two other families in the hood (which rocks for my schedule) - these are the twins that live up the street.

This was another car shot on the first day when I realized I had forgotten to take any pictures of Olivia!  A good mom doesn't let a little thing like driving stop her from a Kodak moment!

Since today was only a half day we went to a cafe for lunch with Em's buddies, fed the fish our leftover french fries and went on a bike ride with no training wheels.  Oh do they have to grow up all in one day?  Next she'll be wanting to wear make-up (oh right, too late). 

So I promised no more Reagan photos but there was a RIMPAC closing reception on board Sunday night and I had to get a shot of this cake!!  The party was huge and even included a ride on the plane elevator up to the flight deck.  I'm telling you the thrills never end on this ship :)  OK, now I am really done.  Promise.   

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August 1, 2010

Another day, another beach

Nothing fantastic to report, just thought I would share my photos from yesterday.  Bellows is such a gorgeous beach, I felt like I was spending the day in my screen saver!

If only I could find a way to get paid for this...

This is a photo of Olivia exactly 6 years ago at the same age her sister is now.  We came to Hawaii with friends at the end of July, just before she started Kindergarten.  This was her heading into the surf then.

And now. 

She has always loved the water.  Maybe it's because I took her swimming twice a day every day for the first 2 years of her life?  David and I fully expect her to grow up and live in Hawaii one day. 

Emily was pretty good yesterday too.  The surf was pretty tough but luckily broke in a few places so she could catch the waves that were close in.

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