October 18, 2013

Danger! Kid Free Post

Since they are all back in school (finally), I got to spend the day on the sandbar with a bunch of friends.  I can't even describe how beautiful the day was.  I'll let these do the talkin...

And here is the money shot!

To all my mainlander pals, let me know if you would like this photo emailed to you.  It makes for a lovely screen saver when the snow is falling!

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October 12, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like...


Which also means it's that one time of year you can sneak out of the house at night, ring a doorbell and run away without getting in trouble!


Finally!  A day off together!  Don't tell anyone - but my girls are missing each other.  Olivia's schedule doesn't leave much room for sister time.  They made up for it with some Rice Krispy Treats :)


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October 5, 2013

3 Down, 10 to Go!

Fall break.  Already.  Although I enjoy the break in driving, lunch packing and home-working, it seems like we JUST got into a routine and now we are treated to a 13 day break.  That should be just the right amount of time to screw it all up.

This is where I spent my last day before break.  I know you have seen my photos of the Diamond Head Lighthouse before, but it bears repeating because, well, because. We were treated to a beautiful day, great food and some great history about lighthouses in general and on the island of Oahu.       

Ok, back to break and what to do.  As those of you with kids know, the secret to happiness always includes tape, glue, scissors, and glitter.  Always.  

Mix a few of those together with a drop or two of dish soap (not sure why) and you can make your own window gel clings!  Happiness for hours.

Paint the glue mixture onto a clear plastic paper protector, let dry and voila!   Peel and stick

Like I said, fun for hours.  Cept we don't have hours - we have days.  Hmmm.  For my next trick I took a walk with a friend and came upon the cutest little kitten.  (Is there any other kind?)

Now before you think I am the dumbest mom in the world - I made SURE my friend was going to adopt this little peanut before ever showing her to Emily.  SURE.  100%

We just babysat while she went to the store to get supplies.  We figure she is about 4-5 weeks old, very alert, very tiny and very hungry.  

They fell in love within minutes.  No fear of this little one not taking to humans.  Pure joy.  

Until the reminder that she wasn't ours.  The goodbye was hard but we accompanied the little peanut to her new home and got her all settled with the promise that Emily could visit anytime.  Her bags are packed :)

So yes, I still have another child.  She isn't lucky enough to have a fall break but could probably use one!  Her days are long and challenging.  We are very proud of how she is making the transition.  Not sure I could've handled all this at her age.  

We were at her school last night for her induction into National Junior Honor Society.  Thought you might like to see some photos of her school (and the reason you won't be getting Christmas gifts from us this year)

Way to go Mom!  $1500 of camera equipment and this is the shot I get...grrrr

Well she looked beautiful.  

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