May 26, 2009

One last big hurrah with the PA cousins this past weekend at Busch Gardens. We spent a day at the theme park and a day at the water park and had a great time! Not too many pictures of the big kids, they were off riding the coasters most of the day. The water park wasn't the best photo op either for obvious reasons :) We are all excited to start our new life in Hawaii but goodbye's are the hardest part. Hopefully everyone will get the chance to come see us and experience some aloha!

May 21, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We are in full movin' overseas mode again which means blogs from me will get pretty thin for a few months! My Mom came to visit for Mother's Day - it's always a treat to be together on that day. The girls made all sorts of special things for us, flower bouquets, cards and Olivia made me a great book of her and I throughout the years.

Emily had her last day of pre-school today complete with a big picnic, face (or arm) painting, balloon animals, and bouncy houses! She is ruined for any other school after this one!

Emma and her girls!

Mommy and her girls!

Sorry to have missed the day but happy belated Mother's day to all my GF's out there - you are a wonderful, inspirational bunch. There is no-one on the planet that can compare to a Mother!

May 3, 2009

Emily Horseback Riding

Emily and her friend Elana went for a pony ride Friday. Emily LOVED it. Splish and Splash were patient little pony's who rode both girls around the rink for about half an hour. They loved petting all the horses and running around the stables. Emily bent down to pick some flowers near one coral and a rather large horse took one look at her fake flower pony tail holder and bent down and took a bite!! She was a little scared by the experience - my friend and I couldn't stop laughing! I don't know who was more upset - Emily who lost a few strands of hair or the horse that didn't get a good flower to eat.

Lots of rain here this weekend but Olivia did get to play soccer on Saturday and scored her first goal of the season!!! She played beautifully - 1 score, 2 assists and just all around good hustle. She somehow wiggled $20 out of her dad for that :)