February 28, 2010

Much ado about nothing

So the thing about tsunami's is, you don't know until they smack down on you what they are going to be. For that reason the island was a bit of a mess here yesterday. Many evacuations, David had to organize getting the ships underway, road closures, spam hoarding, etc. It was a long day but it ended well with no major disasters for Hawaii.

Of course, that can't be enough for the Hughes. Nope. We like to throw in that mix a large gathering at our house, a caterer 100 ft. from the beach and the on again, off again, confusion of the whole thing.

When I woke up I was convinced there would be no party but thought I would do some yard prep just in case. David called home at one point and said he thought all the fuss would be over by 3:00 and the party would be on. Good thing I had left all that heavy lifting stuff for him to do. Off to work I went, starting with calling the caterer who said "lady, if I am still here at 1:00 I will get your food to you." Can't ask for more than that!

With the help of some great neighbors I managed to get the place ready, the food showed up, the ships went out and came back and my husband showed up to greet the first guests in his uniform at about 2:58 (darn punctual Navy people). I ran upstairs to change as the crowd trickled in (and my neighbors were still setting up) and poof. It was a party.

I don't think we quite hit the 70 mark but it ended up being a nice event, a fun way to unwind after a very hectic Saturday and I am happy to report the week is over. One of my worst on record (did I mention that I caught the "bug" on Wednesday and spent two days teetering on the edge of death?) No-one was happier that the party was on other than Emily. She is the hostess with the mostess and had a great time!

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February 27, 2010


Hi all. This is my best effort to get information out to all of you as phone lines are very tied up now. David did start getting calls around 3 am about the approaching tsunami and left for work around 5. I don't know what this means for the ships, haven't heard from him since. Pearl Harbor is somewhat protected but I don't know how it is designed to handle the swell they are expecting.

What I do know: I am not in an evacuation zone

I have a backyard full of tables, chairs and coolers

My caterer is in an evacuation zone

If people show up here at 3 for a party (big if at this point) I will not have food :)

Grocery stores are limiting us to purchasing only 2 cases of spam (that's what Hawaiians do when things get tough...they buy spam!)

That's all I know for now. They are expecting to see the first action on the Big Island around 11 am PST. I assume we will get more information as that hour approaches.

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February 21, 2010

It Aint Gold!

I know I have posted pictures of rainbows before (we have lots of them) but trust me...there was NOTHING photo worthy going on here this week. I honestly don't even remember the beginning of the week, only that my to-do-list was two columns long but let's just say there was no gold at the end of this rainbow over my house this weekend.

I got a call from school on Thursday at 1:00 saying Olivia had thrown up and needed to be picked up. Poor girl was SICK, I assumed anything that fast and furious had to be food poisoning. Only when Emily started the next evening did I realize that it wasn't. David was the next lucky winner and it's now 6:15 pm on Sunday and the gang is just now starting to ask for food. Don't worry, I replaced all that time I usually spend on food prep with laundry :)

So far I have managed to dodge this bullet, but I am skeptical. I have had a major headache all weekend but would consider myself lucky to escape with just that. Fingers and toes crossed.

Here's to a better week ahead (needs to be because it's ending with a party for 70 at my house on Saturday and I am way behind!)

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February 14, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

For those of you who don't know of maybe have forgotten, Valentines Day in the Hughes household is not just any old made-up for profit holiday. Oh no. It's big. It's serious. It involves hearts, flowers, presentations, special clothing, presents and let's not forget...lots of pink! This year was no exception. We made heart shaped mini pizzas and had strawberry shortcake with pink cool whip, followed by cards and gifts. Emily got a new outfit that is sure to make it's debut on here soon...major rock star stuff :)

We also managed to fit into the weekend a few sailing trips, two soccer games (Olivia's team won their first game and she finally got to play...5 shots on goal and one goal...she was awesome), church, playground time, and a pedicure for Mom.

Thank goodness I refuse to acknowledge St. Patrick's Day...I am done until Easter :)

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February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

No! We have not fallen off the face of the earth and I know I am mere moments away from some harshly worded emails wondering if we are still alive. To be fair to those of you who find yourselves hopelessly house locked this week due to insane amounts of snow and are running out of entertainment I dedicate this post to you! You know who you are.
Yes, we are wearing sundresses and eating ice-cream but we don't want to rub it in, just ignore that part. Saturday was Olivia's birthday but as luck would have it she had Friday off due to a happy thing we call Catholic Schools week (4 days of bowling, movies, field day games, a talent show and a day off designed to make the kids beg their parents to send them back to Catholic school despite the cost cause it's sooooooo fun.) We took the opportunity to round up her peeps and go for a movie and some ice-cream.

Nancy doesn't have any siblings so Emily decided that was a situation that could be played to her advantage :)

This same group of girls performed "Aloha Oye" in the school talent show on Thursday - the rest on their band instruments and Olivia on the Ukulele. They did a great job and showed a lot of courage to get up in front of the whole school to play. It was a really cute show and I am still very pleased with her school and her friends!

It was a fun, happy, day and this morning she had her cast removed which is almost as good as getting an itouch for her birthday! Thanks for all the cards and well wishes! Now, don't you have some shoveling to do?

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