October 22, 2014

Where did that two months go?

 So one day I was like "we should go look at that house in Manoa" and the next day was today.  Seriously.  It's all a blur.

Countless hours of prep (including some ole fashion rug beatin) 

 And we were moving in!  

Many of you have asked for more pics so here is your very own cyber tour :)

This is Manoa valley from our lanai.  This is to the left (or East)




The yard is terraced with lots of small patches of grass and lots of levels.  This is the "backyard" with those steps leading into the back of the kitchen

This is on the lanai side (upper)

Same side, under the lanai.  This is the entrance to the adorable (yet un-renovated) apartment below.  It's adorable...or will be one day!

Same side, lower.  Apartment at the top of the stairs.

View up the street

View down the street.  (Dad, MG directional issues have been resolved) :)

Looking into kitchen from dining room

Dining room from kitchen

Dining room and view from window

From living room

Rt. side of living room

 That's it for now.  Everything is unpacked and it's starting to feel like home.  Just when you think you can exhale, you get the call that your storage shipment has arrived.  Just what we needed.  3000lbs of winter clothes and junk.  Yep.  Back to the boxes. 

We are so happy to be here, it feels like the work will never end, but I know it will and it will be a very happy place.  Soon.  Right?  

I wish I had something to share except house photos but honestly- that's all we are living and breathing.  I did find this cool guy one day

 He is a Poisonous Dart Frog (only poisonous to humans if ingested...noted) and usually only found in upper Manoa.  Now you have another reason to come visit!

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