June 18, 2014

Beach Weekend

We had a great opportunity to rent a beach cabin last weekend - so we took it!  

It was a great couple of days spent relaxing, eating good food, enjoying the beauty and of course, getting beat up from head to toe surfing!

All part of the fun :)

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June 13, 2014

Ice-Cream Party

"Growing apart doesn't change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled.  I'm glad for that."

June 10, 2014


 May/June is always time for lots of alohas (the goodbye kind).  Aloha to pals moving on to their next big adventure,

This is best done at a swanky restaurant with a great view and some delicious food!  Softens the blow.  

Aloha to another great school year.  This was the "we appreciate you too" breakfast the parent volunteers were treated to :)

And sadly we have lots of little people alohas to say in the next two weeks.  We will be celebrating those friendships with ice-cream at the playground Friday.  Sigh.

Every peep here is a truly best bud and my girl will miss them terribly.  Yes, they are ALL leaving.

I read a quote a few weeks ago that said:
"Military children will say goodbye to more significant people by the age of 18 than the average person will in their lifetime."

Aint that the truth.  

Anyhoo, onto a better aloha...the selling my house kind!

Our condo in Va Beach was in much need of a makeover, so my Dad graciously volunteered  -  or at least that's how I remember it, to live there for a month and make it happen.  

Happen it did!  All new floorings, countertops, paint, blinds, appliances - the whole McCoy.  I especially love the fireplace makeover (minus the horns...that was the realtors doing)

It looks great and is officially on the market.  Fingers crossed!

Once school was pau (finished) for both girls, we immediately went into VBS mode.  I spent the week as Moses (yes, I'm a girl...that was pointed out to me on day one by about 90 children).  

Girl or not, I parted the sea...

Hung out in my desert tent...

Cooked quail on my fire...

and sang songs...

As always, it was a fun/exhausting week.

Can you guess what they are making here?  Can't say we're not committed to the part!

 Our final aloha will be to our beautiful island (for a month)

It's been three years since we have been back to the mainland so as lovely as this is, we are very excited to go see my family!  

Looks like a good time to go, David will have a whole month to replace my paddle!!  

This cute little house is where we will be hanging!  Mom sold her house in Florida and moved to PA.  Great news for me, my family is all in one place again which makes visiting easier and more fun :)  Can't wait to help her decorate and do some shopping!!

Alooooha friends...have a great summer :)

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