February 15, 2015

Valentines Day!!

Wait what?  Two posts in two days!  Yes. This extra, bonus post brought to you by the all powerful Valentines Day.

The card making station...

Serious business

Or maybe not

Yummy homemade eggrolls

Heartfelt sentiments

Gifts (sigh, I have no excuse for this.  I brought it on myself)

Emily got to choose and create the dessert this year

She choose (with a small amount of coaxing) a delightful chocolate mousse(ish) type of treat

It tasted as good as it looked!
As a bonus, it couldn't have been easier.  Promise.  
Less than 10 min.  

Do yourself a favor and try it

You don't have to make the chocolate XOXO and heart garnishes.  Only if you are super cool

And there you have it.
Hope you all had a lovely day.  

Emily's first question on the way to church today..."what is the next holiday?"  Good thing there is an Easter Bunny to take care of the next one.  

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February 14, 2015

So Much to Catch Up On!

So, getting 4 people out the door each day by 7:00 am isn't impossible, but it takes some serious planning and executing.    Coffee, water bottles, breakfasts, lunches, clothing changes for various extracurricular activities...I think if we set it all to music it would make a frenzied ballet.

We have it down to a science, but there is little time for stopping to smell the roses.  The other day Emily went outside to put her shoes on and yelled "Mom, you've got to come see the sky!"  (Ain't nobody got time for that) but denying her would take longer so I complied.   


For real, straight off the camera, unedited in any way.  

When she's right, she's right.  The photos don't do the real thing justice.  5 minutes later it was gone.  It was worth being 5 minutes late!

Back to catching you up.  Seems my resolution of blog posting twice a month is a pipe dream, but I'll do my best to atone by posting very cool sunrise and rainbow photos :)

Little Miss Emily has been busy fattening us all up with her newfound love for baking and decorating.  

The big buzz at school recently was the talent show.  The cheerleaders always kick it off...

Cute enough but the real joy was Emily and her BFF deciding to try out for the show doing a praise and worship dance.  They loved this song, spent their recess time coming up with the moves and were brave enough to perform!

That deserves a matching pedi right?

It was very sweet...

That's whats been happening for Miss Em.  She is getting so big and grown up looking, but her personality continues to be sweet and charming.  She is doing very well in school - I can hardly believe she will be going "upstairs" next year for Middle School!

She is still all about the rainbows and sunshine :)

So this one turned 16!  

Remember the above morning routine conversation?  Yes, this is all you get on your big day for breakfast.  Canned peaches with a granola topping and a candle.  Bam.  

You might also get to make your own birthday cupcakes.  

But in return your exhausted mother will agree to an overpriced party at iTrampoline for you and your goofball friends.

It was actually pretty cool, the kids were exhausted after a few hours of jumping and I didn't have to do much cept bring the cake and well, you know I didn't even do that!

Teen sharing...

As you can see she is bigger too - in mere moments we are jumping online to register her for junior year classes.  Ugg, where has the time gone?

As for David and I...we are now homeowners so we get to do fun things in our spare time like...

Figure out why when your wife trips a breaker vacuuming you can't get it to reset.  Standing water in your electrical box is bad yes?  Happy to report problem is fixed ;)

And because buying a house wasn't enough for the overachieving couple of the year, we also bought this "new to us" little Honda Fit.  Perfect for our urban life...

And a cute little mini me!!  

We also found a second to do our first bit of entertaining in our new house.  An old friend in town for work = the perfect excuse to host a breakfast.

Homemade scones

Fresh fruit

Good pals and a beautiful morning.  

Well, that'll teach me not to do this more often!  Sorry for the VERY long post but consider yourselves up to date on everything you wanted to know and lots of stuff you didn't.

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