February 15, 2016

February Mash Up

When Olivia asked what I was doing and I said "updating my blog," her response was "oh that thing you never, ever do?"  Don't judge.  I'm busy (who isn't) but I've got photos to prove it

Not sure if I mentioned it but little Miss Thing thought basketball might be fun.  Turns out it's work so she's pretty done with that thought, but they had a good season and only lost one game.  This was a rare sighting of her getting some actual court time doing her best homeless child impression.

This is much more her speed (and mine)

There are a few really great milestones in your children's lives, and I count being able to carry your own board and catch waves by yourself as one of them!

I think that's 13 seconds of Olivia and I catching the same wave!

So yeah, yeah, enough about the beach in February.  I know it's snowing and bitterly cold where you are and I can hardly complain about being "busy" boogie boarding.  We did come home to this freakishly strange cloud formation over the mountains that evening.  Thought I'd share.

My little pride and joy herb garden.  Gardening IS actually work, but very rewarding.  Especially when these little babies turn red.  Nothing like a homegrown tomato.  

You will be happy to know that playing the flute is going better than basketball and Emily is really enjoying it.  She performed a duet (with a trumpet of all things) at the University of Hawaii a few weekends ago.  Both girls received a medal for being excellent in the beginning band category.  

Don't know how it happened but this one turned 17!  Of course, in true Olivia fashion she had to take her college ACT's on her big day so we postponed her celebration for a week.  

We went downtown and had a girls shopping day and dinner in Waikiki.  

And lots and lots of selfies

Now the real busy of course involves my actual job.  We finished up Catholic Schools Week a few weeks ago and although I'm not in charge of all the festivities, there are many and they are exhausting.  It's a week of mayhem and madness but I must say it was full of fun for all.

I took WAY too many photos that week but did manage to put them all into a 9 minute slideshow if you are so inclined.  

As if that wasn't enough fun, the next week we celebrated the Chinese New Year with traditional lion dancers

And Fat Tuesday with a Krispy Kreme doughnut treat for all!

While that probably doesn't sound like a big deal to you mainlanders, we have to fly our Krispy Kremes in from Maui.

So there we were at school at 5 am (well, my bff was at the airport picking them up) to deliver a sweet treat to all these little munchkins.  It was a hit.

And then...it was time for the BIG day.  You know the one.  The one that takes all the goodness of rainbows and puppies and unicorns and swirls them into one happy day dedicated to pink, fluffy, glitter hearts!

Another milestone: when your child wants cupcakes for schoolmates and can make and decorate them herself!  It's like my work here is done.  

As for our home festivities, one might say I'm growing weak with age.  We had spaghetti.  Because it's red.  I know, weak.  

No worries though, the Valentine fairy showed up with magical chocolates...

cute socks

sparkly decor

fancy desserts hidden under a mound of whipped cream

and some ridiculous, oversized, had to have, aviator sunglasses.  

Peace out.

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