March 30, 2009

James Madison

I had a months heads up for the 50's Father/Daughter dance to prepare a costume that never got worn, and all of 4 hours to turn my little girl into the 4th President for a class project tomorrow. Thank goodness for felt and glue guns! She looks pretty cute for an old dead guy. Not sure how James Madison would feel about the glitter on his black knickers but a girl has to sparkle no matter what the part right?

March 28, 2009

Cosmetology School Anyone?

My budding hairdresser...aahem "stylist" has moved up from Sleeping Beauty to herself. She wanted me to let her sleep with rollers in her hair the other night. Here is the result...pretty cute!

March 25, 2009

The Next American Idol

The move to Hawaii is progressing nicely. I must say that we are all looking forward to living in paradise for a while but the work involved in getting us there is, well, extensive seems like a good word. I am working on downsizing clothes, toys, kitchen items, and trinkets of all kinds (and with two girls we literally have ALL kinds), finding schools, shipping cars, hotel reservations and even completing school physicals. Both girls got the once over yesterday and both had to get a series of shots :( Poor Emily topped the charts with 5 - not a fun few minutes but she bounced right back. Just don't ask how she is feeling - she droops instantly, says "horrible" and starts the teary-eyed request for candy. The girl can work a room! Here is a new song from school:
Click the triangle to play

March 22, 2009

Fun Sunday

Click on image to enlarge

Today was a busy Sunday with Church and Sunday School, David and Olivia had their "make-up" date (she chose brunch at the O-Club), 2 soccer games (happy to report the Grasshoppers won their first game in 3 indoor seasons!!!!) and some outside skateboard/scooter play. Hard to believe that at the beginning of this month I was posting pictures of the girls sledding and now they are in shorts. That's March for ya!

I have decided that a haircut for Olivia is next on the list so stay tuned for the before and after shots!

March 17, 2009

Aloha and Think Pink!

My Dad called today worried because I hadn't blogged or called him in a week. With all that has been going on with family, kids and orders he figured that couldn't be good! It has been a busy week but boring overall. No-one is sick for the first time in ages and I am catching up on house cleaning and laundry...told you it was boring.

Here are a couple of random shots. To celebrate our new orders to Hawaii, the first one is a photo of Olivia from the first time we moved out there in 1999! Dave found a totem laying on the ground and of course - had to put my new baby in the mouth :)

Then there is little miss Emily who refuses to wear anything but pink. This is just a typical school outfit for her, yes, the crown goes too.

March 7, 2009

In Loving Rememberance

We received news early this morning that our beloved Grandmother/ Great Grandmother had passed away during the night. I am so thankful that my children got to spend time with her, she was an amazing woman who lived a very full and Godly life. We celebrate her homecoming but will miss her terribly.

March 6, 2009


Tonight I was supposed to be posting photos of Olivia and David going to the Girl Scout 50's sock hop father/daughter dance. Not to be, she became ill at school and has been home sick since about 11 am. She was very disappointed since she had a rockin new outfit to wear complete with bobby socks and a ponytail. David promised her a dress up photo op and a special dinner for 2 when she is feeling better. Here is a quick shot I took of her trying on the skirt after I finished it.

March 4, 2009


Remember in grade school having to learn to write limericks and haiku poems? Olivia brought home a bunch of graded material yesterday and in there was a limerick she had written:

There once was a colonist girl
Who flittered away with a twirl
And when she came back
Her mom gave her a smack!
That shameful young colonist girl

Too funny, I wonder what her teacher thinks her home life is like? She got an A!

March 2, 2009


Big giant snow day today! I can't believe they predicted it...and it came! We have about 7-8" and have spent the entire day (starting with begging at 7:30 am) getting dressed, playing, getting undressed, drinking hot chocolate, getting dressed....I'm glad my kids are getting the joy of a snow day - those are some of my best memories.