May 21, 2016

Counting Down the Days

 So the school year is winding down.  Can I get an A M E N?  Junior year is not for sissies.  I remember having a meltdown or two back in the day, and of course that's nothing compared to what our kids have to deal with now.  

I can't say it was all pretty, but here she is nearing the end and look...she is still smiling.  We will chalk this up in the win column!

Although I can never get photos of her at her hula shows, her buddy Samantha did a little photo shoot with her backstage.  I'm thinking Samantha has a future in photography...

And again, when she isn't in a fancy dress - she is busy getting a silver medal in Varsity sailing!  

When this one isn't in school, she is playing the flute!  She is becoming quite the "band geek" and quite proud of it.

A select few students from 5th - 7th grade were invited to play in the Honor band with children from across the state.  She had a wonderful time and it was a great experience.

We owe it all to her, the most fantastic band director around!!

 Last weekend was the sports and performing arts banquet.  She might have stolen my phone and filled it with goofy selfies of her and her wacky pals...

And one with her wacky mother

This one might not be mine, but he is my nephew and has recently graduated from basic training and is off starting his own Navy adventure.  We are super proud of him and wish him fair winds and following seas (and maybe orders to Hawaii).  

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