October 30, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Blogging is great - even better than a photo album because it records our stories as well as our photographs. I took a second in our crazy morning today to look on our last Halloween post and laughed when I read that we were swamped with parties, costume designing, pumpkin carving, house decorating and birthday cake making! Same thing, different year. We were also cracking up over a funny talking birthday card sent to David by his sister and this year is no exception (except that now we have two because we kept the old one!) Guess not much has changed for the Hughes - cept that we are doing it all in Hawaii this time.

Emily has a Halloween party at school today that I have volunteered to help with. Nothing crazy about 26 4 year olds hyped up on crafts and sugar right?

Olivia went to a Halloween party at a school friends house last weekend and finally got to wear the skirt I made for the Father Daughter soc hop she never made it too last spring. Her school is having a half day today and a big fall festival tonight (that I am also volunteering at.)

Tomorrow of course is packed with games, end of season soccer parties, pumpkin carving, cake making and trick-or-treating. Happy Halloween to all!

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October 22, 2009

It's all about the dress!

So enough about my kids right? (Gasp...really?) No, not really, I know that's why you come! We have been a tad on the boring side lately though and I was told by my Mom today it was time for a new post.

Olivia is sailing on Monday and Wednesdays and has soccer on Tuesday and Thursdays. I think somewhere between those two is a little school and homework also. Emily does dance on Tuesday and soccer on Thursday (can't wait to see what tonight's outfit brings) so as you can see, it's left precious time for little else. At least a few of my loyal blog followers are mothers to 4 if not 5 children and to you I say "what are you nuts?" Ha ha, not really - my hats off to you, you are at least 3x the women that I am (and probably 3x as tired).

Not to disappoint...here are some shots of us at the Navy Balls 1 and 2. When I say us I clearly mean mostly me but hey, it's all about the dress (oh- and the shoes...cute huh?)

I have to add here that when I came down the stairs in this very sparkly dress (click on the photo to enlarge to get the full effect of just how glittery it is) Emily's eyes got as big as saucers and she said "OH MAMA...let me see your shoes!" I pulled up the hem to reveal a pair of matching even more sparkly (if that's possible) strappy sandals and she put her hands to her chest and asked "can I do your makeup?" It's nice to know that Cindy the maid can still be transformed into the queen of the castle from time to time! I don't believe she thought I had it in me :)

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October 16, 2009

Another Conversation with Emily:

Me: "Emily, go upstairs and get your soccer clothes on."

Emily: "ok."

(I should have been alerted right there given the unusual instant cooperation.)


Me: "Wow, Em. That's some outfit!"

Emily: "Thanks!"

Me: "Hmmm"

Emily: "Mom? Will my socks and shoes match this ok?"

Me: "Yes Em, that's the beauty of an outfit like that, everything matches."

Emily: "Good, cause it's important that your shoes match!"

Remember a few weeks back when I said there might be hope for her yet? Nevermind.

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October 14, 2009

Back to school, Navy Ball, North Shore

Double rainbow over our house

Seems like we had off longer than a week (well probably because it was...Olivia was off from the 1st to the 13th) but we are back in the swing. I didn't realize how nice it was to be off from all the driving until I started it back up again! Anyway, break was nice and we took a family trip around the island to the North Shore as a send off. We hadn't made it up there yet and it's surprisingly different from this side where we live. The big surfing competitions that you see on TV take place on the North Shore in the winter and the waves can top 20 ft! They weren't that big yet but I took some shots of the girls playing NEAR them...no way was I letting them in! I have seen a 1 ft. wave take Emily OUT - these would do her in for good :) Click the play button to see one of my videos - watch the guy standing with his back to the wave!

As mentioned in my last post David and I had lots of Navy engagements this week - culminating with the Enlisted Ball at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Saturday night. Picture the scene...standing on the balcony of the penthouse suite at the VIP Pre-ball party, 30th floor, overlooking Diamondhead and Waikiki Beach at sunset...David's phone vibrates and as he pulls it out of his pocket I hear a faint "clink". If you're now picturing his military ID sailing down about 20 or so floors to land on a lower rooftop you win the prize. He won the prize of having to finagle a new ID on a holiday Monday :) Were going back this Saturday for the Officer's Ball, wish us luck!