March 20, 2012

Spring Break!

You might think that after 9 days of Spring Break I would be filling you full of magnificent escapades, me and my two darlings in tow.   

NOPE.  I took one look at our calendar between now and August and it is chock full of upcoming events and visitors.  I made the command decision to do the unthinkable.  Nothing.  Yep, I didn't plan a single moment of the entire 9 days (except for a trip to the dentist).  My kiddos were left to entertain themselves and make their own fun.  

The weather was still pretty blah so I can't say we sailed through with no issues, but overall it was a nice week of true downtime.  I even took a nap or two!  Obviously from these photos, kids can always find a way to have fun.  4 kids, two chairs, one umbrella and a magic 8 Ball - wala!  They probably know the outcome of the election now :)

We are back to the grind - don't feel too sorry for us, next Monday is Prince Kuhio Day and we are off from school again!  Luckily we have a catamaran ride scheduled with my Uncle and his family to celebrate the good Prince.  The Magic 8 Ball predicts dolphins and whales in my future!

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March 11, 2012

Tea for Two

I L.O.V.E. that Emily is old enough now to have self-sustaining play dates.  In earlier years having a friend over meant a constant stream of new ideas for 10 minute attention spans and certainly a constant stream of mess to go with it. 

We must have taught them well because there is no shortage of ideas!  Same stuff (school, family, tea party...) but now it's more elaborate and lasts much longer!  

Now I get to spy on them, hear their giggles and the elaborate way they discuss every detail of the "game."  Usually the discussion of rules lasts longer than the actual activity...thus proving my theory that the Devil is in the details and you really can't over-plan an event!!  

I can hear you now.  "There are no rules for a tea party!"  Haha, peasants!  Of course their are.  Look closely, the dishes are laid out only on the white petals of the flower, there are equal numbers of goldfish and without a doubt...pinky's are up when sipping.  

I think this was the "WAIT...we forgot to pray!" moment before snack.  I will credit private school with that one.  

I think you can learn a lot about the way you talk to your children while listening to them play.  My girlfriends and I must be doing ok, they are super sweet with each other!  

No, still no sign of the teeth.

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March 10, 2012

My House Went Camping!

FYI, if you find a sandy, cornmeal deposit on your counters or floors and call the bug guys, you will soon find your house looking like this.

Termites.  Grrrr.  

Then you will find yourself bagging up all your food, medicines and packing a bag.  

All and all it's a pretty neat process (minus the bagging, and packing)

Unless of course the tent blows off in one section overnight, causing the process to be started over.  

Good thing we found a 5 star hotel, complete with cute and fun friends to pass the time with!  Good food, good company and a very reasonable nightly rate :)

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March 6, 2012

Tribute to the sun

Dear Hawaii, in case you have forgotten, this is what you are supposed to look like!

As appreciative as we are for the waterfalls in the mountains and the lush greenery, I think I speak for most of us when I say you can call off the biblical storms and "freezing" temperatures.  Yes folks, 64* qualifies as freezing.  Mahalo.

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March 4, 2012


Remember when you were little and it was Mother's or Father's Day, and you couldn't help but asking, "when is it going to be kid's day?"  I don't know about your house, but in mine the reply was always the same..."every day is kid's day."

What they should have said was, "move to Japan!"  In Japan they celebrate girl's day and boy's day!  Yesterday was girl's day...Hinamatsuri.

We were treated to a Japanese tea ceremony to celebrate with our neighbors!  These neighbors lived near us in Japan, have kids in the same school and grade as Emily and the mom is Olivia's Sensei (Japanese teacher).  

As you can see, Emily was SUPER excited to try her ocha (green tea)!  Have you ever seen such a look of fear?

Very special and very cool to be celebrated for being a girl!  

Emily also lost tooth #6 last night.  I'm afraid we are going to have to revert to baby mush if some don't start coming in to replace them!  She put up the usual fuss (howling, tears, shaking...) but in the end got a great visit from the Tooth Fairy.  A Hello Kitty mood ring and a glow up toothbrush.  

All and all a pretty good day.

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