August 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home!!

Here it is!!

I know most of you have seen these photos on various other forms of social media, but just in case you are not as connected, here are the photos of our new house!

Funny thing is, we weren't really looking.  We knew a move was in our near future, but mostly we were just visiting a few open houses (4 total) and hadn't contacted a realtor.  

I think my argument was "we're not ready to move until about April so no point in getting too involved!"

A little over a year ago, I discovered Manoa when looking at schools.  I loved it from the start, very old Hawaii.  Most of the homes were built in the 30's and 40's, it's a very "established" area and just has a charm and a vibe that I loved.

Let's pause for a moment and soak in my new kitchen....

And my lanai/view.  

Manoa seemed out of our reach, but for fun we walked into this house last Sunday.  I think we were there all of 10 minutes before we decided to put in an offer.

Then it got really crazy.  Bids had to be in in 2 days, multiple offers, lots of competition...I won't bore you with the events of our week but if you are ever in the mood for a good story!

Bathrooms are both very modern but slightly easier on the eye than this photo makes them look.  Not as overwhelming in person :)  

On Thursday we were informed we "won" the war

And on Friday we signed

All that's left now is...the paperwork, the signing, the appraisals, the packing, the moving....

The only thing keeping me alive is the knowledge that this isn't an 18 month move.  It's for good.  Not sure I even comprehend that yet.  No more moving?  

It's been an interesting 20 years, full of adventure and unforgettable friendships.  No regrets, but happily looking toward the future.

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