October 31, 2012


Twas All Hallows Eve and all through the place

We were frantically carving

Concentration on our face

Then there was homework and showers and not so much sleeping

This morning was grumpiness, dragged feet and some weeping

Let the games begin - a day full of sweets

School parties, junk food, and door to door treats

Running through streets for candy to take

Topping it all off with an orange birthday cake

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to David

May all your Thursday morning be…as good as it can be!

October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Navy

I was trying to remember how many Navy Balls I've attended in the last 20 years and all I could come up with was A LOT!  In fact, my first date with David was at a Navy Ball in DC.

I remember two things from that night: a lot of "Navy talk" that I couldn't understand and a toast to Navy wives and girlfriends and someone at our table shouting "May they never meet!"  That was pretty funny and I guess the date was a good one since here we are a few decades later!

Love this photo of him!  Let's leave out all the talk of my hair and that I look like Snooky - 

I remember these two from a few decades ago too ;)
Handsome and beautiful as ever


Had to throw in this one.  The gal in the middle is a friend, Navy wife, former active duty SWO, Academy Grad and recently crowned Mrs. Hawaii.  She is accomplished and stunning in her own right but I had to laugh at this photo.  Thanks to Rebecca and I and our fortunate shortness, her waist looks even more hourglass than normal!  I need to flank myself like this at the next ball :)  

October 8, 2012

Back to School - Again

10 days...whew.  We spent yesterday gettin our Fall on and sharing it with our buds.

Emily wanted to try sleeping with rollers in last night.  The result...pretty curly!  Yes that is a pumpkin she glued to her headband and no, that tooth still isn't in.  Neither is the other one on the top, and the two on the bottom are still only half way up to meet the middle teeth.  She must have some tough gums but the dentist says no worries.  It's been almost a YEAR!

Happy Fall

October 5, 2012

Fall Break

I can't believe it's October!  I can't believe Christmas decor is filling the stores!  I can't believe we have already been in school long enough to be finishing up our first break!  

We had a good week, kept it under-scheduled since that's what we're breaking from.  

Of course we put David on a plane for the week - too crazy to imagine him being around for break!  We are 0 for 4 on Fall Break :)   

Played a little soccer

Painted our fingers and toes - since that isn't allowed at school.

Don't let the ace bandage concern you.  It's a minor gymnastics injury that we are making into a major event.  You know, cuz that's how we roll here in dramaville.  

Got a haircut and you know, grew up by about 15 years in the last week.  Sheesh she just won't stop!

Conned the hairdresser into putting pink mousse in her hair.

Such a stinker back there!  Emily loves a photo bomb.

Had fun washing it out

Made a Toys R Us run for some crafting supplies to keep us busy.  These little gems are Orbies...tiny little dots that grow to marble size when added to water.  So far we can't figure out much to do with them but they are fun to feel, squish and drop all over the floor.  Fyi, the Orbie foot spa is big on the Christmas list!

She has also written and illustrated an 18 page book, created about 100 stickers that you paint yourself, and watched all 3 High School Musical movies.  I have heard the phrase "I'm bored, theres nothing to do!" about 20 times.  

Is it Monday yet?

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October 1, 2012

Queen of the Waves

Since football wasn't going my way this Sunday, we decided to hit the beach for a little surfing instead.  Everyone did a pretty good job, Olivia and Emily are getting really good.  They can both catch a wave on their own and stand for a good long ride to the beach!

I was in the water most of the time keeping an eye on things but I did sneak out for a quick shot of this happy guy taking a nap on the beach

And a quick video of Emily...yes, she face planted in the sand at the end of this one but no tears...she was laughing pretty hard at herself.  She learned the hard way to bail off the board in deeper water!

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