May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Sunset

After a particularly difficult day of parenting, cleaning and packing, I was feeling a bit bad about not doing anything "Memorial Day ish".  

Luckily, we are surrounded by history; so a remedy was only minutes away.

We grabbed a few chairs and a few sippy cups of wine (I told you it was a particularly bad day) and headed to Ford Island. 

The USS UTAH memorial was on the sunset side of the island so that's where we set up camp.  It was a very peaceful evening and a fantastic sunset through the mountains.  

You can see the overturned ship in the water and it was an eerily interesting walk along the shoreline where we saw lots of pieces of the ship melted into the banks.  

We finished the circle of the island on the other side and stopped for a moment to peak through the trees at the Arizona Memorial.  

Beautiful from any angle. 

Thanks to all.  Past, present and future.

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May 29, 2011

Getting back to normal, whatever that is!

It's been a long week but my little princess is doing very well!

  This was her just after surgery when they let me into the recovery room.  (Yes, I share a little extra when Daddy isn't home - he likes to be kept in the loop!)

This was a mere 2 hours later on 2 doses of morphine :)  Tonsils, shmonsils!

It was very boring in the hospital so we were happy to get home the next day to all sorts of new toys!  I must say we are a fortunate family to have such nice neighbors and friends - she was showered with gifts which very much helped pass the  recovery time. 

Playdough banana split anyone?

Although we thought soccer was over for a while, Olivia was invited to help fill the gaps on a U14 team created by so many military families moving this month.   

We found ourselves playing downtown yesterday so I took the opportunity to show my mom (who has been working overtime on this vacation) the swanky Kahala resort!

Nothing says thanks like a margarita on the beach!

After we shared a $100 plate of nachos, vegis and drinks, we let the girls swim a bit.  

Perfect way to start the summer!  Congrats to both my girls for another round of straight A's :)

We head to PA next week to see our cousins and then the Oklahoma cousins are coming here the following week.  Can't wait for both!

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May 22, 2011

All dressed up!

The school had an end of year performing arts banquet last Friday and Olivia and her pals decided to go.  She looked magnificent in her new outfit - perfect for my edgy little tween!

Maybe too magnificent! I can't believe this is my little girl.  She has had a great 6th grade year!  

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May 16, 2011

Lake Erie Completes Trident Fury - and Hell hath no Fury Like a Bad Burrito

Last week was busy, can't even remember with what but I'll take my word for it.  

The rains finally stopped around Thursday and we are back to glorious weather!  The girls and I went for Mexican Saturday night to say goodbye to some good friends who will be leaving soon.  my 3 lb. burrito was delicious and sadly for me I ate the whole thing!  Food poisoning is the gift that keeps on giving and am just now starting to think about ever eating again.  No promises.  Sick doesn't even begin to describe.

While I was doing that the mighty LE was out shooting stuff again.  Here is the latest from them: (click on the link)

Lake Erie Completes Trident Fury

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May 10, 2011

Because you can never have enough relaxing spaces!

Steps to create the perfect outdoor retreat... 

Find a friend who is moving and get her gazebo.  Then find 4 strong gals to carry said gazebo out of her yard, across the playground and to your house!

Find another friend who is moving and take all her plants

Buy a new cover and when it doesn't yet another one

Continue doing your part to stimulate the economy with furniture purchases

and more furniture

Add lots and lots of cute accessories like pillows...


Coral (that you got yourself at sandbar last week)

A lantern

and finally a rug.  Viola!  One perfect spot to relax in the shade.  

Now, make it rain like crazy for 9 days straight so everything is soaked and you have yet to enjoy one cup of coffee or wine in it!  Oh well, it will dry out eventually and I'll be ready!  I'm actually still working on the curtains but I have a sneaky suspicion they will still be in the bag when my Mom comes in two weeks.  She has yet to be here for a visit without being on curtain duty.  Sorry Mom!

Ok honey, I warned you this was going to happen while you were gone.  You love it right?  I know you will and I can't wait to sit out there with you and ignore our kids together.  Oh, now I need the Bose system.  And for you to get another job here.  I'm just sayin.

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May 8, 2011

Single Mom

The girls and I continued to have a great day.  We ended up going ice-skating because what else would you do on Mother's Day in Hawaii right?  Fact is, when Dad is gone you do whatever to keep the time moving.  At dinner tonight Olivia surprised me with a few gifts.  One was this poem titled Single Mom.  I am having a proud moment so please indulge:

No one to help you
As two pairs
Of needing, helpless eyes
And greedy, playful hands
Wait for you.
Your only refuge
Miles away, fighting the current
But you are brave, strong.
Your love and determination can do this
Your soft voice
Warm hands
Tell your burden
"It's alright, try again
The worst is over, all you have to do
Is wait"
Patience is key
As you calm, cook and care
All alone.
You have done this for as long as I can remember
The rock of my life.

Funny, we all try our hardest to pretend one of us isn't missing, but it comes out in it's own way.  How lovely that hers comes out in poetry.  I do love my expressive, loving, little girl.  

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Happy Mother's Day

My girls did a great job this morning!  I got flowers and breakfast and they did it TOGETHER...without fighting!

Now that is a gift!

Happy Day to all the Mom's!

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May 6, 2011

May Day (Lei Day) - Updated!

Lei day is highly celebrated in Hawaii and as usual the school put on a fantastic show.  

I took these shots before the student body showed up...once they did photos were few and far between.  The shows draw a large crowd and I end up with a lot of "back of the head" shots.

Each of the islands is represented by royal court dressed in the color and flower of that island.

The show is more of an audio than a visual thing so I tried to get some video.  I think this is the 4th grade class getting some "aloha" in their hearts.

And here is our fantastic ukulele players - no idea where Olivia is in the pack but I was pinned in my spot on the floor!

They started the 6th grade hula without the uke players so Olivia didn't make this video but her friend did and I promised her mom some photos.  This was the best I got!

Once the rest showed up she got covered!

Our school year is winding down and today was my last day on the afternoon pickup shift so we went for ice-cream!

These clowns have kept me laughing all year - that is definitely worth an ice-cream!

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