July 15, 2017

Summer Fun

 Sometimes blogging is like housework; if you wait too long to do it it's hard to know where to start!  I have waited too long.  Looking back on these pictures it seems like a year has passed, we had a busy few months.  But, like housework, you pick a corner and start.  So here goes...

After the prom came the long awaited, much anticipated, always overwhelming, drop everything including schoolwork, hula show.  It would take me hours to explain to you lovely mainlanders the insanity that is hula so I'll just say it was a good show and Olivia had a wonderful time.  I have a thumb drive of the full 3 hours of it incase you would like to experience it first hand.  Don't everyone jump at once!

Since it was near Mother's Day, the theme was respect your mother (earth and human). We senior moms (wait, that makes me sound like an AARP member), we mothers of senior students were invited on stage for a lei presentation (handmade of feathers from rare birds only found on Mt. Everest I'm sure) to the lovely crooning of a Bette Midler song.  Yeah, it was a lot.  

Olivia's pals were there to cheer her on!

And we got a date night at the theater.  

No photos allowed so although she was in about 7 numbers, this was the only photo of her I could find

Speaking of long awaited and much anticipated...the costumes from the show were barely put away when she grabbed the car keys and announced she was going for a haircut. (Hula dancers do not cut their hair.  Ever.  Nada.  Not allowed)
A few hours later she walked in the door like this!  How adorable.  All grown up and ready to graduate!

And graduate she did.

Somewhere in all this madness my dad showed up and we were so glad to have him for this special time! Other than these few nights we basically chained him in the basement and made him work, but that's another post.  

It was a happy time. 

Equally hard to explain is the "meet and greet" after the ceremony.  I've been schooled by my friends about the importance of the poster, the lights, the collapsable holder and the lei!  The crowd was enormous and turns out they were all correct.  It was all about the sign so people could find you.  Wild.

So high school, that's a wrap.  The whisked her off right after this picture for an all night bash at the waterpark and we picked up a very happy, very tired graduate the next morning at 7 am.  Then there was some sleeping.

This one...also had a lot going on during that time.  
Starting with her performing arts and sports banquet.

Snapchat selfies while driving.  What could possibly go wrong?  

I'm not sure where all my pictures went but suffice it to say, she cleaned up in the trophy department.  I think there were 4 total?  This was her band award.  We like to peak in 6th grade here.  Nowhere to go but down :)


Band peeps!!

So, here is another "I betcha didn't know".  Did you know there was such a thing as a flute choir?  You didn't??  Yeah, me either.  But there is.

There is also a flute that looks like this!  (This is turning out to be a very educational post).  Yes, this giant thing is called a contra flute.  There is also an alto flute and a base flute which both look similar in size and shape to a cane that you turn sideways and play like a regular flute.  

So apparently if you are a big deal in the fluting world, or you happen to be a cute 6th grader with connections, you join a flute choir and meet once a month to sight read music and kick up your heels flute style.  

Lance is her Hawaii Symphony BFF, and Andrea is now her private instructor and also a symphony player.  They are both amazing and so good to my girl!

Last month the choir held a concert and treated us all to some great music.  

And what do you do after a big performance?  Celebrate with Frost City Snow Ice.  Duh.

There was also one last concert at school.  Great music but sad that it was the last for her amazing teacher who is moving and for her 8th grade flute buddy who is graduating.  Goodbyes are awful.  That's all I have to say about that.

In gardening news...our graduation pineapple was finally ready!  A little late, but we won't split hairs.  A few years ago we planted this pineapple and hoped we would be able to eat it before Olivia went to college.  David's father had planted one after his last trip to Hawaii and our hope was to share it with him at graduation.  

That didn't get to happen, but we know he was watching us all the way and we spent some time sharing fun memories of him.  

It was juicy and delicious and I know he would have loved it


I think that brings us to present day.  Olivia is all set for school and moves into her dorm mid August.  Emily is having some summer fun despite not feeling so well for a while.  We are working on that.  I'm working on some new changes too (besides a roof and a basement renovation) so stay tuned.  David is involved in a big exercise at work that is keeping him busy.  Not 24/7, but about 15/7. Kind of brutal so we are looking forward to the end of that.  

Obligatory kitty photo.  I guess I should call her a cat and maybe spring for a new bed.  Thanks for staying in touch and cheering us on these last few months!

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