April 17, 2017

HI! i want to start off by saying, NO I am not my mother. I am her second born child and I am highly aware that all of you like to see the updates on my families' life ASAP! I was looking at her blog today and realized she had not posted since DECEMBER!!! So I, Emily Hughes, am here today to update you on our amazing families' life. 
(and yes my mother knows)

Picking back up in late December, early January, I had a small 12th birthday party with a few of my closest friends. We went to CPK and then saw the movie "Sing"!

Also, I got BRACES!
Here is a before...

Here is a "during."
Yes, i know! This is the most beautiful picture EVER!
(I do autographs!)

And here is the AFTER!!! 
I really like the way it turned out!
Just last weak I got the bands, to help my overbite.

School was pretty busy. I worked on my science fair board and I really like the way it turned out. Yes, after the science fair, it did somehow make its way into a very special place! 
(the trash) 
I wonder who put it there.

And of course my mom as busy as she always is, had to make a Photo Booth for catholic schools week. Yay Moms!!

On the subject of catholic schools week here are a few of the best moments of it.

Jump rope for heart

Dress 50's day

And the talent show!

Moving on to February

I did solo and ensemble for the second time

I did really well 

And got a red ribbon!!

Ok...Mother jumping back in.  Emily started this post during her Spring Break and never finished it so I'm cutting her off.  I actually have some new things to post so I will pick up where she left off.  Thanks Emily!!

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