April 17, 2017

As Emily mentioned below, we hadn't posted in a while so there is a fair amount of catching up to do.  
Back when it was winter, Olivia had her winter ball...

I didn't get to take any photos myself because she and her peeps got dressed together, but I had to share this one and the original uncropped version.  I thought that was pretty funny.  Ahem young man...

Then she had the nerve to turn 18.  We had a lot of fun going to a local Japanese store and buying her 18 gifts.  Some were amazing, (rice cooker) and some were ridiculous (instant curry mix) but it was a cool way to celebrate.

She is fast becoming a lovely grown up.  Well, maybe slowly but either way, it's happening :)

Then there is little Miss Nori, who is also growing up.  She had to be spayed recently and instead of trying to keep a cone on her for two weeks we bought her a "suitical" to keep her away from her stitches.  You can see how much she loved it :)

She eventually came around 

Overall she does a great job of tolerating us in her home

And I tolerate coming home to her passing out on my dinner table after a rousing round of kill the mouse.  

Finally we reached Spring Break!  David took off some time so it was a week full of a little of this and a little of that.  Breaks are always a good time to have a crazy person climb your coconut tree and cut them down.  

They are also a good time to go to the beach!

And the Symphony

We found this little guy sitting in our yard and figured it was injured but couldn't see anything wrong.  We held it as long as we wanted and when we put it down it flew off!  We looked it up and sure enough, this bird will let you hold it!  

More beach

And these guys are back too!  Just beautiful

Ok, that is probably enough overload for now.  I will post Prom and Easter photos later.  

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